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OBJECTIVE : To develop a secure, platform that can bring changes to store important documents (any type), organize and share privately.

HOW WE DID IT : We developed a secure platform for storing, organizing, and sharing important documents using ReactJS for frontend, Nodejs with MongoDB for backend, and SocketIO for data exchange.

  1. Our objective was to create a secure platform where individuals and organizations can store and organize their important documents and share them privately. To achieve this, we used a combination of modern technologies and services.
  2. We started by creating a centralized platform for storing files and documents. For the frontend, we used ReactJS, a widely used and efficient library for building user interfaces. ReactJS provided us with a fast and responsive way to create an intuitive user interface.
  3. For the backend, we used Nodejs, a popular runtime environment for JavaScript, and MongoDB, a flexible and scalable database. Nodejs allowed us to build a robust backend, while MongoDB provided us with a reliable and efficient way to store and manage data.
  4. To ensure real-time data exchange between the server and client, we used SocketIO, a real-time engine that provides a bidirectional communication channel between the server and client.
  5. Overall, by using these technologies and services, we were able to create a secure and user-friendly platform that allows individuals and organizations to store, organize, and share their important documents privately. Our platform provides a seamless and efficient way to manage and access important documents, ensuring that they are always available when needed.

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