The NFT buzz

NFT or Non-fungible tokens have taken the world by storm due to their unique features. Providing a unique proof of ownership that is secured on the blockchain, NFTs have created a buzz among artists, creators, businesses and in every sector. Offering digital collectibles in the form of artwork, images, games, music, videos, GIFs, etc, NFT market generated over $24.9 billion in 2021 alone.


With such a large number in its portfolio, NFT is reigning in the world of trading. NFT provides a safe and secure way for digital creators to showcase their work on NFT platforms and gain high yielding profits from the sale. Some of the most popular NFTs are being minted on Ethereum, Polygon, Solana and Binance blockchains.


The choice of NFT blockchain standards like ERC 721 and ERC 1155 also allow the NFT artists to sell their NFTs using the best NFT pricing strategy.

What defines an NFT?


This is the most differentiating feature of an NFT from any other trading option. Being unique, NFT cannot be interchanged and thus, no information about NFT can be altered. NFT also acts as a proof of authenticity since there is no way to create a copy or duplicate. For buyers, an authentic proof of ownership acts as an identifier for sole ownership of the digital asset.


Because they are developed on a decentralized ecosystem of blockchain, the information regarding the asset, transaction, and history is verified publicly. This provides a high level of transparency both for the seller and the buyer as they cannot be deleted or revoked at any point.


Because the NFTs are scarce in nature and are just one of kind, their value increases as more and more people join the marketplaces. We are expertise in NFT Marketplace as well as independent NFT website creation. Our team of NFT web developers & smart contract developer provide extreme level of world class development.


NFT Website Development Company


So, what are NFT websites and NFT marketplaces?


For anyone who wants to ride the NFT wave, the NFT websites and NFT marketplace is the place to understand and be a part of. An NFT website allows an artist to showcase their NFT collection and sell it either on their website or link it to an NFT marketplace like Opensea, Rarible, Foundation and others. An artist can mint his/her NFTs on their preferred blockchain and display those NFTs for sale on Marketplaces like Opensea.

NFT marketplaces are the Amazon of the digital world where you can buy and sell NFTs. Some of the best NFT Marketplaces are mentioned below:

Top 11 NFT Marketplaces:

  8. Axie Marketplace
  11. Binance NFT

It is a virtual auction place where digital assets are bought and sold. The ever increasing traction of this market led to the development of NFT websites where all the crazy things happen.

Our NFT website and NFT Marketplace development has following key factors:

  • Cost-effective and low priced
  • Highly Secure
  • Better Performance
  • Ready to Launch
  • Blockchain-based Security
  • Faster Delivery
  • Faster Custom Modifications

Leverage the power of digital assets with AskGalore’s NFT website Marketplace Development services

NFT marketplace requires a secure and well-rounded solution supporting the business model of NFT. This is where we come to help you. As an NFT website development company with world-class technical resources and an understanding of the technology, we assist you from start to finish in NFT website development.


We develop your platform with multiple blockchain technologies and salient features that distinguish you from the rest of the platforms. Our understanding of the market and knowledge of the technology as an NFT development company enables us to provide you with the best NFT development services, and world-class designs that are meticulously crafted for you.


With our services, you can take leverage and process large volumes of tokens with secure verification protocols, and a strong foundation. We just don’t help you with your NFT platform development, we also take care of your NFT Smart Contract development.


What is an NFT Smart Contract?


NFTs are basically crypto tokens that are managed on blockchain and smart contracts are central to NFT functioning. They are software codes that allow the network to store the indicated information in an immutable and transparent manner in an NFT transaction. These codes control NFTs.


Actions governed by smart contracts

  • Ownership verification
  • Handling transferability
NFT Website Development Cost     

Why do we need a smart contract?


Smart contracts not only made the availability of the NFT possible but also brought many changes in the Crypto and blockchain world. It emerged as a need when the centralised system that existed, made users compromise on various features

Why do you need a smart contract?


Smart contracts mitigate the major issues like the low-efficiency rate of the manual and individual module component working models, the high cost of intermediary validations in financial structures, etc.


Smart contracts rule out the possibility of lack of authenticity of assets, ownership claims, tampering and other threats.

Safe and transparent

Smart contracts ensure the safety of data as the transaction is recorded in a decentralized registry that generates records of transactions that cannot be tampered with or deleted.


Smart contract development services to accelerate your business growth and seamless NFT platform development


We assist you in developing unique and authentic functional programs through our smart contract development services. As an NFT smart contract development company, we ensure that your platform has the best security features, and provides an exceptional user experience. Our experts provide the best solutions to any emerging challenges throughout the project.


Our smart contract development services allow you to automate the execution of an agreement faster and without any intermediary. Our smart contract developers help in writing programs that enable the quick deployment of smart contracts. They excel at developing smart contracts for digital collectibles, games, music, arts, sports, etc. Just name it and they will do it. In short, ee provide you with all-rounded and comprehensive smart contract development services.


Benefits of choosing AskGalore NFT website development and smart contract development services


As a professional NFT marketplace development company, we build you the best in class product that is weaved with the latest technology. When you choose us, you get the following benefits:

  • Implement revenue models that surpass regulatory hurdles
  • Attract a global audience and potential NFT buyers on your platform
  • Explore beyond the crowded crypto exchange marketplace
  • Ready to deploy frameworks for the platform with an assurance of easy scalability
  • Custom-built functionality that is not limited to the mentioned features
  • Focus on the user interface
  • Features and technology focusing on the global NFT trading


Catering to various markets through our comprehensive NFT development solutions


Arts: Art NFT platform to give artists a platform to trade their valuable artwork without the fear of duplicity, intermediaries, thefts and incurring losses.


Music: Platform helping musicians to tokenize their original creation and eliminate the risk of piracy from the music industry.


Games: Enabling gamers to safely transact their in-game assets and interact through games with gamers all over the world.


Sport: Opening arenas more than just watching games like buying and selling sports collectibles, exclusive video clips, accessories, cards, signed collectibles, etc.


Real Estate: Tokenizing land and trading them in the open markets of NFT


Digital collectibles: Enabling tokenizing of unique digital assets and trading them in the NFT marketplaces


Metaverse and multiverse: Connecting the real world with the Metaverse and enabling conversion of NFT assets into real assets and so much more.


Celebrity and fashion: NFT videos, fantasy sports, content subscription, memes and many other markets.



AskGalore NFT Websites & Whitelabel NFT development services


We also provide Whitelabel NFT marketplace development services supporting cross-chain connectivity and high-level security. Our Whitelabel solutions provide a rich, easy to navigate user interface that enables seamless buying and selling of NFTs on your platform. We also ensure audits by multiple award-winning agencies.

    Whitelabel NFT Marketplace Development

Best Features Of Our NFT Website Development


Fully customizable & configurable


Wide Range NFT standard Support


Go-to-market in a short time


User Friendly & Seamless Signup Process


Participate in NFT Auctions


Multiple Payment Options


Integrated NFT Wallet


2FA Authentication


Integrated Support Desk


Trending bids and collections


Alerts & Notifications


Cart Management


Marketplace Analytics


Whitelist / Blacklist Management


Assets Management


Payments & Fees Management


Trade management

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