10 Best Web3 Development Services Companies in Singapore in 2024

Here is the list of the Best web3 Development Services Companies in Singapore in 2024. These are the leading web3 development companies in Singapore with a proven track record of delivering web3 projects. With the emerging trends and technology, every business needs and demands change as they strive to expand best in the industry and aspire to be the most trusted businesses, here are the top companies that rejoice at the opportunity to offer the best for your business. These companies have secured the most trusted service records and evolved in the competitive era of Darwinian technology.

  1. Auro Blocks
  2. Auro Blocks is One of Singapore's best web3 company founded in 2019. With 5 years of experience, Auroblocks aids companies in adopting new technologies. And is the perfect place if you're looking to hire web3 developers. They have a team of experts in multiple disciplines such as fintech, logistics, real estate, and gaming, they provide standardized web3 solutions for the banking, trading, and logistics industries. Auro Block delivers traceability and freight visibility to stakeholders, software solutions for real estate, and web3 gaming solutions with multi-layer security segments to prevent cheating and hacking.

    Services: NFT, coin development, web3, DeFi, tokenization

    No. of employees- 11-50
    Headquarters- Singapore
    Established in- 2019

  3. Bitfia
  4. Bitfia is amongst the top web3 development company based in Singapore, established in 2018. If you’re looking to hire a web3 developer, Bitfia is the right choice for you. They are well-known for their Multi-Asset, HD Cryptocurrency Wallet Application & P2P Marketplace Platform PINT delivers you an easy start to virtual currency use. Bitfia displays a team of cryptocurrency and web3 tech professionals who specialize in digital assets management and digital currency exchange. Their key team members possess a strong grasp of startups, IT Outsourcing, and new Technologies such as web3.

    Services:Intuitive, simple & secure crypto wallet and marketplace, Private key stays with wallet user, Availability of multiple payment modes, Available for Bitcoin BTC and Ethereum ETH.

    No. of employees- 2-10
    Headquarters- Singapore
    Established in- 2018

  5. Purple Dash
  6. Purple Dash Stands as one of Singapore's best web3 Solutions Provider, founded in 2023. Purple Dash is committed to devising customized software solutions that simplify processes, improve productivity, and drive change. Purple Dah brings vast experience in decentralized finance (DeFi) applications, web3-powered financial products, web3 applications, and smart contract development. Their team consists of highly passionate individuals who have a thorough familiarity with web3 architects, and are financial experts, which also sets an opportunity for you to hire the best web3 developer.

    Services:NFT Marketplace, Web3 gaming, smart contract development, web3 consulting

    No. of employees- 2-10
    Headquarters- Singapore
    Established in- 2023

  7. Smart Source
  8. Smart Source Technologies Pte Ltd. is the finest solutions product development company, headquartered in Singapore with development centers in Chennai and Delhi, India. The company was founded in 2006 and places a great priority on providing some of the most advanced web3 development services like Crypto-wallets, and Hyperledger-managed web3. With their expertise in various technologies such as Digital Strategy and digital solutions, they Provide productive, favorable, secure, high-performance applications that reduce your risk, market time, and cost. With the given skills and experience they keenly seek to build strong relationships with different businesses, allowing any business to hire the best web3 developer.

    Services: Product development, enterprise search, crypto-wallets, big data analytics, cloud services.

    No. of employees- 51-200
    Headquarters- Singapore
    Established in- 2006

  9. Chaintech Source
  10. ChainTechSource is one of the leading web3 services and cryptocurrency development company with offices in Singapore and Australia, founded in 2019. They assist you in forming your web3 by employing highly secure and trustworthy technology. The company holds outstanding IT individuals who constantly remain updated on technological advancements in the area of web3 development. They deliver complete web3 development solutions in DeFi, NFT, fundraising, exchange platforms, Metaverse development, VR/AR development, and marketing services. ChainTechsource possesses its technical expertise and is always eager to connect, providing you with the utmost confidence to hire a web3 developer based on your requirements, and delivering exceptional web3 services.

    Services: NFT Marketplace solution, NFT development solution, NFT designer service, NFT marketing solution

    No. of employees- 11-50
    Headquarters- CA
    Established in- 2019

  11. AskGalore
  12. AskGalore is an IT Service and stands as one of the best web3 Solutions Provider in Singapore, founded in 2018. Their expertise lies in web3 Development and Artificial Intelligence solutions. AskGalore provides complete solutions in Enterprise Software Development, Mobile App Development, SEO, and Performance Marketing. The company primarily excels in providing services such as Smart Contract Development, web3 & FinTech development and Web3 Marketing, NFT Marketplace Development, NFT Development, and DApps Development. AskGalore does not limit itself to a particular destination but also sees itself as offering the best to its clients, providing an advantage to businesses to hire a web3 developer to deliver services in different complexities of businesses

    Services: web3 development services, NFT development marketing, NFT products, Defi products, SEO, Local SEO, react SEO

    No. of employees- 11-50
    Headquarters- Mumbai, India
    Established in- 2018

  13. Coinhako
  14. Coinhako stands as one of the best web3 company based in Singapore, established in 2014. They provide easy access to limitless cryptocurrencies and are designed to facilitate the storage, transaction, and trading of a wide variety of cryptocurrencies for all Coinhako users. So, if you’re business is facing difficulty in finding a talented source, Coinhako is the best place for you to hire web3 developers with better flexibility and in-depth knowledge in different areas of business. They have a team of individuals who are cryptocurrency experts and offer a Superwallet that provides decentralized applications securing a user-friendly interface and smooth experience with cryptocurrencies. The super wallet is secured with market best security practices. Additionally, they specialize in on-and-off-ramp services for cryptocurrencies, catering to retail, high-net-worth, and institutional markets worldwide.

    Services: Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, exchange, fintech, financial services, and Ethereum

    No. of employees- 51-200
    Headquarters- Singapore
    Established in- 2014

  15. Chain-up
  16. Chain-up is one of the best web3 Development company headquartered in Singapore with offices in Hong Kong, Japan, South-Koreaand Dubai. Chain-up delivers complete web3 technology solutions for businesses and has a team of professionals who specialize in crypto exchange development. They aim to entrust companies via web3 technology. ChainUp's solutions include digital asset exchange, KYT, NFT trading, wallet, liquidity, Web 3.0 infrastructure, digital asset custody, and security tokens. Hence, they are always at the forefront of providing services, that contribute to your businesses, offering you the added advantage to hire web3 developers.

    Services: Digital asset exchange, decentralized exchange, Asset tokenization, smart web3 banking

    No. of employees- 201-500
    Headquarters- Singapore
    Established in- 2017

  17. web3 Association
  18. Hire a web3 developer from web3 Association is the best web3 Solutions Provider in Singapore. The company has been devised to be an effective platform for associates to engage with various stakeholders to find solutions and promote best practices in a collaborative, open, and refined manner. The company facilitates communication by building a connected web3 ecosystem, channeling effective and relevant information among the associates, promoting innovation among Association members and the Singapore web3 ecosystem, and accelerating the development of web3 companies.

    Services: Digital Asset compliance, Fintech web3

    No. of employees- 2-10
    Headquarters- Singapore
    Established in-

  19. Salad Ventures
  20. Hire a web3 developer from Salad Ventures is recognized as one of the best web3 service provider, based in Singapore. The company is a GrowthFi ecosystem project that uses creative growth strategies and web3 technology to assist Web 3 projects in scaling. The company believes in creating innovative methods within the extended Web3 space, focusing on its main products, which are Arcaden.com and Apollo, Academy as well as Maslow. Including gaming platforms, learning platforms, and work platforms. Salad Venture seeks to harness the power of web3 to clear the block and provide equal opportunities for everyone.

    Services: web3 and cryptocurrency

    No. of employees- 51-200
    Headquarters- Singapore
    Established in-

Hope the above list of web3 development companies will help you choose the right agency for your business growth. All the best for growing your business to great heights.

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