14 Best Web3 Development Services Companies in the Netherlands in 2024

Here is the list of the Best web3 Development Services Companies in the Netherlands in 2024. These are the leading web3 development companies in the Netherlands with a proven track record of delivering web3 projects. With the emerging trends and technology, every business needs and demands change as they strive to expand best in the industry and aspire to be the most trusted businesses, here are the top companies that rejoice at the opportunity to offer the best for your business. These companies have secured the most trusted records of their services and have evolved in the competitive era of Darwinian technology.

  1. Protokol
  2. Protokol is one of the best web3 solution provider based in Amsterdam, NL, Founded in 2020. They Create Custom Web3 Solutions. They are a web3 development specialist and consulting partner committed to delivering custom solutions, products, and dApps to market. As a specialist web3 partner, they have a team of individuals who have an in-depth understanding of web3, NFTs, DeFi, and DAOs. The company offers a wide range of scope in web3. This also provides you the benefit of hiring the best web3 developers, authorizing them to be trusted in testing and deployment by their clients and customers.

    Services: Web3 development, web3 consulting, team extensive service

    No. of employees- 11-50
    Headquarters- Amsterdam, NL
    Established in- 2020

  3. Zaiasan
  4. Zaiasan is one of the best web3 company based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Founded in 2018. The company is dedicated to improving the web3 ecosystem through active support and collaboration. Their diligence portrays them to be the finest and most successful project carriers in Entertainment, Sport, Finance & Defi, Logistics, Hospitality, and Art. The company mainly caters to web3 Infrastructure Support, Marketing and Business Development, Software Development and Deployment, Critical Research and Quality Audits, and Fundraising Support. They are expert in web3 and web3 tech. A dynamic & diverse team with a high level of knowledge. Their team is always at the forefront, offering the best services and giving you the trust to hire web3 developers.

    Services: Web3 consultancy, tokenization, launch of a web3, and NFT project management.

    No. of employees-
    Headquarters- Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Established in-

  5. Bitfury
  6. Bitfury Group is one of the leading full-service web3 technology company based in Amsterdam, North Holland, with offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Hong Kong, Norway, Georgia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan founded in 2011. The company has expert team members in technology, business, communications, security, and civil society. The organization provides exceptional web3 solutions such as exonum and crystal, to support government, and people and to help the financial institutions. Bitfury Group offers opportunities to hire skilled web3 developers and contribute additional value to your projects with their expertise and innovation.

    Services:Semiconductors, data centers, web3 applications, Bitcoin mining, web3 software, and web3 hardware

    No. of employees- 501-1,000
    Headquarters- Amsterdam, North Holland
    Established in- 2011

  7. Authic Labs
  8. Authic Labs is one of the best solution web3 solutions based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, established in 2021. The company builds a platform that empowers individuals to create NFT marketplaces, launch digital collections, and design effective customer loyalty programs. With the use of the power of Web3, the company offers a complete Tailored NFT Marketplace where you can Customize your NFT marketplace to advance your brand’s vision and secure a unique shopping experience for customers. Authic Labs also presents the chance to hire skilled web3 developers.

    Services: web3, web3, SaaS, Customer loyalty, and Membership

    No. of employees- 11-50
    Headquarters- Amsterdam
    Established in- 2021

  9. Hive Ive:
  10. Hive Ive is recognized as one of the best web3 development company, based in Rijen, North Brabant, Netherlands, established in 2021. The company has key expertise in web3, web3, software, and app development. With a track record of delivering over 10,000 hours of web3 and Web development services, Hive Ive boasts a team of highly proficient web3 and software development individuals committed to a top-tier client-centric approach. The company offers a standard suite of web3 services such as Web (3) development, Smart Contracts, web3 & Fiat payment systems. Hive Ive provides opportunities to hire web3 developers who can significantly contribute to your ongoing projects.

    Services: Web3 development, Smart Contracts, NFT projects, Mobile apps

    No. of employees- 2-10
    Headquarters- Rijen, North Brabant
    Established in- 2021

  11. AskGalore
  12. AskGalore is an IT Service known as one of the best web3 Solutions Provider in Lelystad, Netherlands, founded in 2018. Their strength lies in web3 Development and Artificial Intelligence solutions. AskGalore offers complete solutions in Enterprise Software Development, Mobile App Development, SEO, and Performance Marketing. Above all, the company offers services such as web3 & AI/ML development, IT Outsourcing Services, SEO and Performance Marketing, Smart Contract Development, web3 & FinTech development and Web3 Marketing, NFT Marketplace Development, NFT Development, and DApps Development. With a high level of proficiency across diverse business segments, AskGalore has achieved a prominent search ranking in various corporate areas. AskGalore also provides excellent web3 developers, adding more efficiency to your business needs. AskGalore also provides businesses with access to hire web3 developers, improving the efficiency of your business needs.

    Services:web3 development services, NFT development marketing, NFT products, Defi products, SEO, Local SEO, react SEO

    No. of employees- 11-50
    Headquarters- Mumbai, Maharashtra
    Established in- 2018

  13. Mood Global
  14. Mood Global is one of the best web3 Services provider in Amsterdam, Netherlands, founded in 2022. They are a transaction services company that provides web3 and connected technologies as a solution for an extended field of firms facing inefficiency issues. The company offers digital infrastructures that improve communication and fuel business growth. With a team of experts in formulating personalized solutions beyond web3 and distributed ledger technologies to grow your business operations. This includes simplifying tech complexities, scaling technological synergy, and providing long-lasting support beyond implementation for sustained growth. Mood Global also provides the opportunity to hire web3 developers, allowing you to guide through tech complexities.

    Services: web3, Data management, Data Research, Project Management, Meta-Analysis, Non-Fungible Tokens, Consulting, Educational Consulting, Cryptocurrency, Communication, Ledger Technology, Software, Cyber Security, and DLT

    No. of employees- 2-10
    Headquarters- Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Established in- 2022

  15. Ledger Leopard
  16. Ledger Leopard is one of the leading Web3, solution provider based in Amsterdam, North Holland, Amsterdam, founded in 2017. From decentralized applications services to web3-based supply chain solutions, ledger Leopard is at the forefront of taking the entire accountability of your project into safe hands. Their outstanding Web3 solution has set a proven track record in delivering high-quality projects with tailored Web3 solutions. Alongside their development services, and expert consultancy, if you're looking to hire a web3 developer, the company provides an opportunity. A web3 expert will guide and assist in the adoption of web3 technology within an organization. The company's web3 professionals have advanced knowledge of all web3 platforms' functions, adding proven value to their clients and customers.

    Services: web3, Wallets, smarty contracts, verifiable credentials, digital Identities

    No. of employees- 11-50
    Headquarters- Amsterdam, North Holland
    Established in- 2017

  17. CIED
  18. CIED is an agri-tech company based in Heerlen, Limburg, Netherlands. They highly specialize in ESG-traceability and a supply chain management suite assisting organizations in delivering transparency, trust & fair ownership in agri-food supply chains & showcasing product stories from farm to fork, utilizing web3-based traceability tool that helps build trust in food sources and plays a marked role in assuring quality across supply chains. CIED offers a unique opportunity to hire web3 developers for projects, emphasizing their focus on innovative solutions in the agri-tech industry.

    Services: Information Technology, UI/UX, Web Application, Mobile Application, Sustainable Agriculture, Branding, and Marketing

    No. of employees- 11-50
    Headquarters- Heerlen, Limburg
    Established in- 2011

  19. Cartellum
  20. Cartellum is one of the best web3 solution company based in Utrecht, NL, founded in 2021. The company has an expert novel web3 solution, providing an opportunity to hire the best web3 developers. Cartallum's capabilities extend to offering solutions through its cloud-managed platform that allows people and organizations to more easily and quickly build, host, and manage web3 applications.

    Services:Sustainable web3

    No. of employees-
    Headquarters- Utrecht, NL
    Established in- 2021

  21. Byont Labs
  22. Byont Labs is one of the best web3 service based in Eindhoven, Netherlands, founded in 2021. The company is dedicated to developing innovative and secure web3 applications that can drive a new global paradigm. Through their extensive, secure, and reliable web3 solutions. Byont offers a range of services, including consultancy, engineering, and security, to help our partners develop and grow their web3 products and services. When it comes to hiring a web3 developer, Byont Labs appears as the optimal choice, offering outstanding expertise and a reliable dedication to assisting partners in developing and improving their web3 products and services.

    Services: web3, Web development, Mobile app development, Product development, web3, solidity, Ethereum, NFTs, Non-fungible tokens, App development

    No. of employees- 2-10
    Headquarters- Eindhoven, Netherlands
    Established in- 2021

  23. Under Reality
  24. Under Reality is one of the best web3 solution provider based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, founded in 2021. The company places a strong focus on marketing, sales, e-commerce, healthcare, automation, and fashion bringing together the zeal to create solutions software, data, web3, and AI converge. The company focuses on producing outcomes that make a difference for the brands they work with, the company, with years of experience in design and development, assists their clients in making their vision a reality using the latest tools and technologies, designed for success. And opens an opportunity for you to hire the best web3 developer.

    Services: marketing, artificial intelligence, Deep fake, Video, Creative content, and Data

    No. of employees- 2-10
    Headquarters- Eindhoven, Netherlands
    Established in- 2021

  25. Kryha
  26. Kryha is one of the best, IT Services, IT Consulting, and web3 services Based in Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands. The company has a team of experts focused on creating meaning and momentum in Web3 by building developer tools, designing meaningful applications, and fostering community collaboration. Kryha also offers you the opportunity to hire web3 developers. The company collaborates with developers, brands, and protocols to build shareable tools and useful applications for the communities involved.

    Services: web3, Ethereum, smart contracts, consulting, education, development, digital transformation, service design, design thinking, lean startup, research, DLT

    No. of employees- 11-50
    Headquarters- Amsterdam, North Holland
    Established in- 2017

  27. Circularise
  28. Circularise is one of the leading web3 company based in Amsterdam, North Holland, founded in 2017. They deliver digital product passports for end-to-end traceability and secure data exchange for industrial supply chains. The company offers products designed with a focus on data privacy for suppliers, manufacturers, OEMs, brands, recyclers, and everyone in between. The dedicated team at Circularise provides robust support to companies, presenting an excellent opportunity for you to hire web3 developers. This support aids businesses in gaining visibility within their supply chains, backed by trustworthy data.

    Services: Circular Economy, IT, Recycling, Product lifecycle tracking, web3, Transparency, Tracking, Supply Chain Visibility, Digital Supply Network, Chemicals, Plastics, Procurement, and Risk Management

    No. of employees- 11-50
    Headquarters- Den Haag, South Holland
    Established in- 2016

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