Top 10 blockchain development companies in Canada in 2024


In the dynamic landscape of technological innovation, blockchain development has emerged as a cornerstone for reshaping industries across the globe. Canada stands at the forefront of this revolution, hosting a vibrant ecosystem of cutting-edge blockchain development companies. These firms epitomize excellence, leveraging advanced technologies and unparalleled expertise to deliver bespoke solutions tailored to the unique needs of diverse organizations seeking blockchain development services in Canada.

  1. Webisoft [Montreal, Canada]
  2. Webisoft is one of the top blockchain development company in Canada based in Montreal. From integrating applications to deploying a product over a cloud environment, Webisoft boasts of a skilled team of top Blockchain Developers and software engineers and provides top-notch apps and services that are affordable, simple, and highly customized solutions, tailored to any organization's needs. They are one of the best blockchain development companies with experts in Polygon, Solidity, Cosmwasm, Ethereum layer 2, Rust, Terraform, web3.js, and Python.

  3. Exilion Technologies [ Thornhill, Canada]
  4. Maintaining a secure environment Exilion Technologies are one of the best blockchain development companies in Thornhill that provide highly customized end-to-end solutions through continuous integration of AI and blockchain system, smart contract and Web3 development, cloud engineering and implementation of cloud infrastructure, turn-key product development, fractional CTO services and software architecture consulting.

  5. Canadian Software Agency Inc. [ Toronto, Canada]
  6. This top Canadian blockchain development company in Toronto has an experienced team that is creative, dedicated and skilled with unmatched expertise committed to providing tailor-made solutions on diverse platforms with innovative features, fusing art with the cutting-edge technology of blockchain development and delivering top-notch services for a decade in a row.

  7. Hilo Labs [Toronto, Canada]
  8. This one of the top blockchain development companies in Toronto has been adjudged as the best among its contemporary agencies in building scalable and secure web applications that are reliable in the long haul for each critical product of organizations with MVP which helps validate their core value proposition. They are most recommended as the best partners for startups looking for technical development and business strategy.

  9. AskGalore
  10. AskGalore is the Best blockchain development company in Canada for blockchain APIs, tools and services. They deliver the best in the space of DApp and NFT development for organizations. Equipped with a highly specialized team of creative designers, experienced developers, proactive project managers and efficient digital marketers specializing in Blockchain Development and Artificial intelligence solutions, their experts provide end-to-end solutions in Enterprise Software Development, Mobile App Development, SEO, and Performance Marketing. With a commitment to excellence, they offer the opportunity to hire the best blockchain developers for your projects.

  11. Plavno [Calgary, Canada]
  12. Plavno is 16+ years of experience and is considered one of the best blockchain development companies in Calgary that specializes in the application of blockchain technology in healthcare management development. It has performed teams that work exclusively on specific domains. They use Scrum-based Agile development technology for product optimization, fixing bugs, improving the UX and thus enhancing human potential in health care delivery and patient experience.

  13. Tintash [Mississauga, Canada]
  14. Tintash is one of the best blockchain technology services firms in Mississauga led by the alumni of Stanford and has a dedicated team of blockchain developers, designers and product managers doing Augmented reality applications in e-commerce and delivering to organizations, top-tier innovation within budget.

  15. Roobinium [Toronto, Canada]
  16. This Toronto-based web design studio is ranked the best with its specialized projects on UX and UI interface goods and blockchain development. Their skilled and experienced team of designers and developers work on ready-made wireframes, making interactive designs of the projects and putting appropriate emotions into them thereby guaranteeing user experience to the organizations through systematic behavior research analysis and with a dedicated team that assures design support services of upto 100 years.

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  17. Underlabs [Montreal, Canada]
  18. This Montreal-based top blockchain development company focuses on building cross platform digital solutions. From building large scale desktop applications for organizations in hybrid online and offline modes with CMS deployed on MacOS, Windows or Linux to all the developed apps, each development delivered by their skilled and experienced team of developers comes with end-to-end encryption to facilitate privacy and security to the organizations. They support many blockchains and smart contract audits by third parties.

  19. Avivi [Calgary, Canada]
  20. From creating the best solutions for organizations in e-commerce, and CRM systems and implementing solutions of any complexity, this top blockchain development firm provides technical support in over 50 countries. Their experienced team of developers showcases expertise in all types of work with smart contracts, tokens, NFT and other blockchain projects.


As the blockchain revolution continues to redefine the technological landscape, these top 10 blockchain development companies in Canada stand as beacons of innovation and expertise. With their commitment to excellence and unmatched proficiency, they continue to drive transformative change across industries, cementing their position as leaders in the realm of blockchain development services in Canada.

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