10 Best Azure DevOps Services Companies in Singapore in 2024

Here is the list of the Best Azure DevOps Services Companies in Singapore in 2024. These are the leading Azure DevOps Services in Singapore with a proven track record of delivering DevOps projects.

  1. MTraction Enterprise
  2. MTraction Enterprise is an industry-leading technology company providing mobile app development and digital transformation services globally. Renowned for Azure Cloud services, they also offer intelligent cloud solutions, helping you choose and integrate cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning systems and vendors that perfectly fit your needs and goals.
    The company holds expertise in various domains, including development, consulting, and cloud, making them the most diverse and skilled IT consultants. They cover a wide range of services, from mobile app development and UI/UX services to cloud migration, cloud engineering, and automation, and also allow you to hire Azure developers.

    • Services: Mobile App Development, Android App Development, iPhone App Development, iOS Development, Wearable Technology, Enterprise Mobility, Healthcare App Development, Retail, finance app development
    • Founded in - 2005
    • No. of Employees- 201-500
    • Headquarters- Singapore

  3. 1cloudstar
  4. 1cloudstar is a well-known innovative Cloud Consulting and Managed Service provider in Asia, Singapore, also recognized as an exceptional DevOps service provider. They have offered migration and consulting services to a range of multinational and enterprise organizations across Asia, assisting in their move to the cloud-based environment.
    The company is committed to providing excellent IT system integration, consulting, and professional services, helping clients harness the full potential of cloud technology for sustainable growth and success.
    Their expertise in DevOps and Workload Automation in Cloud application development involves creating software applications designed to run on cloud computing platforms, with focused adherence to Cloud Managed Services, involving the management of clients' cloud infrastructure and applications. Besides, they provide you with an opportunity to hire an Azure DevOps developer.

    • Services: Cloud Consulting, Managed Services, Network Connectivity, and Business Transformation
    • Founded in - 2005
    • No. of Employees- 11-50
    • Headquarters- Singapore

  5. BIT Solution
  6. BIT Solution is an IT Services & Solutions provider, also recognized as an Azure service provider, with a team of experts specializing in technologies such as system integration, cloud and managed services, and Pano 360.
    The company aims to deliver promising services, prioritizing its clients as the most important factor in its growth and inspiration. Their extensive portfolio of cloud solutions handles business needs, utilizing Platform-as-a-Service offerings like AWS and Azure.
    Their consultants provide a roadmap for transforming your IT infrastructure to enable cloud strategies within your organization, focusing strongly on Backup Services, Disaster Recovery Services, and more.

    • Services: System integration, cloud services, backup services, Disaster Recovery Services, Smart Hands
    • Founded in - 2005
    • No. of Employees- 11-50
    • Headquarters- Singapore

  7. CyanSYS
  8. CyanSYS is a software company with a focused market segment and is also recognized as an Azure service provider in Singapore. Their complete solution offerings include information processing and utilization. They deliver scalable and quality solutions to SMB companies, fostering growth through premise solutions supplemented with Cloud technologies such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, and other privately hosted software-as-a-service models. Microsoft Azure, their cloud offering, provides integrated data services and serves as Your All-in-One Solution for Website Hosting. Additionally, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, their out-of-the-box Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution, helps synchronize, automate, and improve your business operations, gradually becoming the backbone of the organization. This also opens up the opportunity for you to hire an Azure developer.

    • Services:Microsoft Azure, Microsoft D365 Business Central, Microsoft 365
    • Founded in - 1991
    • No. of Employees- 11-50
    • Headquarters- Singapore

  9. AskGalore
  10. AskGalore is a Blockchain Development & IT Service and also ranks as one of the top Azure DevOps service provider in Singapore. The company specializes in Blockchain & FinTech development and Web3 Marketing, with a key focus on delivering expert IT services.
    Also, they offer equivalent engagement in delivering Azure DevOps tailored to meet your specific needs. The company comprises a team of technical experts offering Azure DevOps for your projects, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance. This provides you with an opportunity to hire an Azure DevOps developer.
    Their Azure DevOps engineers specialize in efficient synchronization between Dev and Ops teams, bringing vast expertise and a commitment to client privacy and clarity.

    • Services: MERN Stack Development, Custom Enterprise Software, Blockchain Solutions, Search Engine Optimisation, Digital Marketing, Performance Marketing, Ethereum, Smart Contract Development, Polygon, Solana, Binance, Solidity, Cardano, Hyperledger Fabric, and DApps
    • Founded in - 2018
    • No. of Employees- 11-50
    • Headquarters- Bhopal, India

  11. Netpluz
  12. Netpluz is a one-stop managed IT and communication service provider in Singapore, recognized as an Azure DevOps service provider.
    They deliver reliable, high-performance communication services to businesses across the Asia Pacific Region. With their Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solutions, Netpluz effectively aids you in achieving your business objectives through Microsoft Azure Cloud.
    Their expertise in cloud transformation helps organizations reduce their investment in storage devices and replace physical infrastructure like servers. Also, they provide an opportunity for you to hire Azure developers.

    • Services: Managed Services Provider, Firewall, IP PBX, Wireless, SDWAN, Cyber Security, Internet Connectivity, Video
    • Founded in - 2015
    • No. of Employees- 51-200
    • Headquarters- Singapore

  13. Sysnet Infocom
  14. Sysnet Infocom is an IT expert, identifying and delivering flexible IT solutions and support. They also stand amongst the best Azure cloud service providers in Singapore, offering scalable and adaptable solutions to meet your business demands.
    By providing an opportunity to hire an Azure developer for the best services, the company's team expertise covers a wide range of IT sales and support, including Hybrid IT, Cloud, and Infrastructure, spanning desktop, network, and cloud.
    With their utmost focus on Cloud Services and Management, Sysnet Infocom provides a complete suite of Hybrid IT, Hybrid Cloud, On-Premise, Backup & Disaster Recovery, and other IT infrastructure services. This assures faster, cost-effective solutions without putting any extra effort into it.

    • Services: IT support and security, cloud services and management, Microsoft 365 business solutions, business application development.
    • Founded in - 2012
    • No. of Employees- 2-10
    • Headquarters- Singapore

  15. Global ITN
  16. Global ITN is a tech services company and a Microsoft Azure service provider operating from Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, and Ireland, offering a range of IT services. The company possesses key expertise in Microsoft Cloud and is a Services Solutions Partner.
    Global ITN provides a full range of services to deliver a complete implementation of complex projects. Microsoft Azure Cloud Services authorize IT and Applications teams to deliver new features faster. With our focus on Microsoft Azure, they also offer opportunities to hire Azure DevOps developers. Azure Cloud Migration, Azure Cloud Hosting, Azure Cloud.

    • Services: Network Support, IT Support and Maintenance, IT Procurement, IT Security, Office Relocation, Data Centre Services, Cloud Computing, Server Co-Location, and IT Services
    • Founded in - 2019
    • No. of Employees- 11-50
    • Headquarters- Singapore

  17. Win-Pro
  18. Win-Pro is a leading IT managed services provider (MSP), offering excellent IT services, especially in IT support, IT consulting, and IT solutions in Singapore.
    It also stands out as the best Azure service provider, creating an opportunity for businesses to hire Azure DevOps developers. Win-Pro specializes in delivering IT-managed services tailored to meet the unique needs of both small businesses and multinational corporations.
    The company has gained experience in technologies such as IT Desktop Support and IT security, as well as IT Cloud networks of remote servers hosted on the internet. This allows users to store, manage, and process their data over a secure internet connection.

    • Services: SEO, IT Security, IT Services, IT Support, IT Hardware, IT Software, Office 365, Azure Cloud, Kaspersky, Fortinet, ShadowProtect, Qnap, Synology, HPE, Lenovo, MSP, Datto, Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft Office 365
    • Founded in - 1993
    • No. of Employees- 11-50
    • Headquarters- Singapore

  19. Cactoz
  20. Cactoz is an Information Technology & Services company and is also known as a Microsoft Azure cloud service provider. Their Customizable E-commerce Solutions support Multi-Language, Multi-Currency, and Multi-Stores Capability.
    They have a team comprising multiple capacities in different technology areas such as managed services, cloud services, and IT infrastructure services. Their cloud services include Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and IBM/SoftLayer to provide IaaS or SaaS for our customers. If you're looking to hire Azure developers, Cactoz has expertise in Microsoft Azure along with other cloud services.

    • Services: managed services, cloud services, IT infrastructure services, project management
    • Founded in - 2010
    • No. of Employees- 11-50
    • Headquarters- Singapore

Hope the above list of azure devops companies will help you choose the right agency for your business growth. All the best for growing your business to great heights.

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