20 Best Azure DevOps Services Companies in Canada in 2024

Here is the list of the Best Azure DevOps Services Companies in Canada in 2024. These are the leading Azure DevOps Services in Canada with a proven track record of delivering DevOps projects. They specialize in a variety of technologies, majorly covering AWS, Azure, DevOps, and more. These companies are not just esteemed as the best service providers but are also recognized for delivering remarkable IT solutions, leveraging Azure and DevOps technology. Their consistent commitment to providing promising solutions makes them stand out as top Azure DevOps supporters.

  1. The Synergy Group
  2. Synergy Group is known as the software development agency and also one of the best Azure DevOps service provider, in Toronto, Canada. The company possesses a team of highly skilled individuals in mobile and web app development, working from the USA, U.K., Denmark, Germany, Romania, and the Netherlands. With their exceptional ability, they provide software applications, design, and development for Startups and Corporate Innovation Teams at all stages of concept, design, development, deployment, and support.

    • Services: Software Development, Web Development, Software Integrations, Mobile Development, Data Science, Business Intelligence, UI/UX Design, SEO/SCM/SEM, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Data Analytics, DevOps, and IoT
    • Founded in - 2005
    • No. of Employees- 51-200
    • Headquarters- Toronto, Canada

  3. Aligned
  4. Aligned is one of the best Azure consulting services, in Vancouver, BC Canada. The company boasts a team of dedicated specialists who are committed to leveraging the latest advancements in application development, data processing and analytics, and cloud-native technologies to deliver the best outcomes for their clients. Their Microsoft-certified engineers assist, in modernizing the cloud applications, securing the mission-critical Azure systems, taking charge of your data, and assisting in achieving your business goals faster.

    • Services: Application development and modernization, data engineering and analytics, Azure consulting, AWS consulting Visit Website
    • Founded in - 2012
    • No. of Employees- 2-10
    • Headquarters- Vancouver, Canada

  5. Carbon
  6. Carbon is a renowned managed cloud company and also ranks as one of the best Azure service provider in Toronto, Canada. The company is honored for delivering digital transformation across businesses. Their expertise lies in crafting forward-thinking cloud strategies and delivering high-performance cloud services with increased accessibility. The company Recognizes the importance of choosing the right managed services partner. They offer expert AWS-managed cloud services, Managed Azure Virtual Desktop Services, and Azure-managed services. Through their Managed Azure Virtual Desktop Service, they provide Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) to enhance productivity, streamline operations, and fortify security. Their scalable cloud services have demonstrated remarkable agility, scale, and innovation, aligning with the needs of businesses seeking the advantages offered by Azure.

    • Services: Managed Hosting Services, Disaster Recovery Services, Managed Cloud Hosting Services, Cloud Assessment & Migration, Enterprise WordPress & Drupal Hosting, AWS Managed Services, IT Outsourcing, Azure Managed Services
    • Founded in - 1999
    • No. of Employees- 51-200
    • Headquarters- Toronto, Canada

  7. Adastra
  8. Adastra is an IT consulting and one of the best Azure service provider in, Toronto, Canada with offices in Burnaby, Calgary, and Montreal, ON. The company delivers analytic solutions in the domains of Cloud, Data Management, Analytics, AI and ML, Governance, Hyper Automation, and Enterprise Application Development, and allowing businesses to extract value through the promised solution.

    • Services: Data governance, cloud enablement, data engineering, managed services, security, AI/ML
    • Founded in - 1995
    • No. of Employees- 1000-5000
    • Headquarters- Toronto, Canada

  9. AskGalore
  10. AskGalore is a Blockchain Development & IT Service and also stands as one of the best Azuredevops service provider in Bhopal, India. The company specializes in Blockchain & FinTech development and Web3 Marketing, with a key focus on delivering expert IT services. Besides, they offer equivalent engagement in delivering Azure DevOps tailored to meet your specific needs. The company comprises a team of technical experts offering Azure DevOps for your projects, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance. This provides you with an opportunity to hire an Azure DevOps developer. Their Azure DevOps engineers specialize in efficient synchronization between Dev and Ops teams, bringing vast expertise and a commitment to client privacy and clarity.

    • Services: MERN Stack Development, Custom Enterprise Software, Blockchain Solutions, Search Engine Optimisation, Digital Marketing, Performance Marketing, Ethereum, Smart Contract Development, Polygon, Solana, Binance, Solidity, Cardano, Hyperledger Fabric, and DApps
    • Founded in - 2018
    • No. of Employees- 11-50
    • Headquarters- Mumbai, Maharastra

  11. Bison and Bird
  12. Bison and Bird is one of the best Azure DevOps service providers, in Calgary, Canada. The company boasts a team of outstanding professionals with proven experiences in customer-centric design and offers exceptional services in business applications using Dynamics 365, Power Platform, and Azure. Their partners value their direct operational experience and how they incorporate their company culture to create meaningful improvements.

    • Services: CDAP digital advisor, project management and project automation, ERP and CRM customization, Microsoft D365 partner
    • Founded in - 2021
    • No. of Employees- 2-10
    • Headquarters- Calgary, Alberta

  13. Crucial Logic
  14. Crucial Logic is well-known as a leading Business Consultant and stands out as one of the best Azure and Service provider in Toronto, Canada. Crucial Logic is dedicated to securing your business through the implementation of native Microsoft technologies. The company specializes in harnessing the powers of tools, such as Microsoft Office 365 and Azure, and deploying them efficiently within your organization. This assures that each system is optimized to fulfill your specific needs quickly and seamlessly.

    • Services: Consulting, Mergers and Acquisitions, Cloud, Azure, Office 365, CIO Advisory, CISO on demand, CIO on-demand, Enterprise Architecture, Security, Assurance, Risk and Compliance, Business Process, CRM.
    • Founded in - 2005
    • No. of Employees- 51-200
    • Headquarters- Toronto, Canada

  15. InfusAI
  16. Infusai is a lead Digital Consulting Services and Software Application Service Provider in Canada with offices in India, Australia, and more. They are also recognized as one of the best Azure service providers. They Deliver advanced cloud solutions through cloud-native development and application modernization. The company's true strength lies in its expertise in Microsoft Azure, proprietary tools, frameworks, and accelerators, positioning it as the top design strategist. InfusAi implements and supports AI-driven intelligent Software applications, and acts as an enterprise-level CRM & ERP solution provider. Also, if you’re seeking to hire Azure DevOps developers, InfusiAi is the right place for you.

    • Services: Dynamics 365, Office 365, Azure, CRM, ERP, Digital Transformation, Software Implementation, Software Consulting, Dynamics CRM, Dynamics F&O
    • Founded in - 2019
    • No. of Employees- 201-500
    • Headquarters- Canada

  17. Seya Group
  18. Seya Group is one of the best cloud optimization and AzuredevOPs service provider, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The organization comprises an expert group of developers and engineers across the globe who promise to deliver reliable services to their customers. Their multi-talented individuals assist you in cloud-native products and platforms, providing expertise in cloud-native methodologies, training, and experience.

    • Services: Software engineering at scale, cloud-native development, data platforms and analytics, cloud adoption, and cloud migration.
    • Founded in - 2021
    • No. of Employees- 11-50
    • Headquarters- Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

  19. Pilotcore
  20. Pilotcore is a well-known IT services delivery company and one of the leading Azure DevOps consulting service based in Ottawa, Canada. Pilotcore helps startups and small to medium-sized businesses in technical, and operational efficiencies in the cloud. They understand the unique needs of tech innovators. Pilotcore cloud consulting services possess in-depth knowledge, responsiveness, and ongoing dedication to customer satisfaction, assisting them in navigating the complex and variable Cloud landscape.

    • Services: Application modernization, cloud cost optimization, DevOps consulting, AWS consulting services
    • Founded in - 2005
    • No. of Employees- 51-200
    • Headquarters- Toronto, Canada

  21. Think-Wise
  22. Think-Wise is known for IT Solution Advisors is the most experienced professional across numerous industries and stands out as one of the best Azuredevops solution providers in Toronto, Canada. The company comprises a group of professionals offering you proven methods to improve your business. Their team of professionals with strong capabilities in Azure and AWS domains assists in identifying the various aspects of the migration effort so the migrations and the DevOps transitions go smoothly and encourages their clients to apprehend the value, advantages, and approach to digital transformation with cloud technologies.

    • Services: Cloud Strategy, Cloud Migrations, Cloud Governance, Cloud Cost Management, Data Protection, Disaster Recovery, Cloud Backup and Archive, IT Modernization.
    • Founded in - 2011
    • No. of Employees- 2-10
    • Headquarters- Toronto, Canada

  23. Convverge
  24. Convverge is an IT and one of the best Microsoft Azure consulting services in Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto, Canada. Their technical background indicates key expertise in Azure, cybersecurity, and power-platform. They are partners with Microsoft Gold Partner helping you fulfill business needs to move faster in response to the changing requirements of the organization. With strong capability in Microsoft Azure, their aspiration to become the best in the industry proves their high competence in cloud solutions, services, and applications. Their key technique, technology, and people hold a strong knack for digital business solutions including Power Automate and Azure to modernize your business, improve collaboration, and maximize growth.

    • Services: Power Apps, Azure, Data Engineering, Digital Transformation, Application Development, Software Development, and Microsoft 365
    • Founded in - 2012
    • No. of Employees- 11-50
    • Headquarters- Calgary, Alberta

  25. IT Teams
  26. IT Teams is recognized as a trusted service provider and also ranks as one of the best Microsoft Azure service provider in Calgary Canada. Their expertise in Managed IT Services delivers solutions to any business that needs to assist organizations and remain active and competitive. As a top-managed services provider in Canada, they provide affordable cloud services, including BAAS, Iaas, BCDR, hosted services, and Microsoft Azure solutions. Their outstanding set of skills in the area of cloud integration offers the most promising public and private hosting solutions.

    • Services: managed IT services, cyber security, cloud services, Microsoft 365 services
    • Founded in - 25+ years
    • No. of Employees- 500-700
    • Headquarters- Calgary, Alberta

  27. Fencecore
  28. Fencecore is a well-known Managed IT Service that is recognized as one of the best Microsoft Azure cloud solution providers in Ottawa, Canada, with an additional office in Delaware. Their team comprises IT experts with outstanding IT operation skills, that builds confidence in their clients to manage their business with ease. Their dedication to private cloud providers such as AWS and Azure, assisting organizations with hybrid infrastructure, collocation, backups, and full migrations, sets them apart with a purpose to provide constant support to their customer needs. This commitment encourages them to establish long-term partnerships built on trust and reliability.

    • Services: Managed IT services, cloud services, consulting and implementation, ERP private hosting, cyber security, IT support
    • Founded in - 25+ years
    • No. of Employees- 500-700
    • Headquarters- Calgary, Alberta

  29. Encaptechno
  30. Encaptechno is a leading IT solution and one of Canada's best Microsoft Azure services providers, with offices in the USA and India. The company strategizes to change amazing ideas into the most preferred products and services. They have developed an impressive cloud consultative-driven approach to cloud services, delivering end-to-end enterprise technology solutions with better flexibility & agility, utilizing Microsoft Azure Cloud Services to grow in this competitive business world. Their team is ambitious, constantly aiming to become a top performer in this competitive global marketplace.

    • Services: Sales force consulting service, Azure consulting services, Zoho services, enterprise solution.
    • Founded in - 2009
    • No. of Employees- 51-200
    • Headquarters- Brampton, Ontario Canada

  31. Amanatech
  32. Amanatech is a leading colocation, cloud connectivity, and hybrid data center company and one of the best Microsoft Azure service provider in Toronto, Canada. They are recognized as the most trusted partner for data center services. With their expertise in the domain of Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, and their up-to-date Network-to-Network Interface and Next-generation connectivity services, they not only deliver the performance, speed, and control for smart business in the cloud but also allow you to access Azure Express Route securely and seamlessly. They also have a dedicated unit with greater flexibility in Google Cloud and Cloudflare.

    • Services: dedicated servers, business internet
    • Founded in - 2001
    • No. of Employees- 51-200
    • Headquarters- Toronto Canada

  33. Sherweb
  34. Sherweb is a leading cloud marketplace and one of the best Azure DevOps service provider in Sherbrooke, Canada with offices in Delaware, Hungary, and the United Kingdom. It acts as the most trusted cloud partner, offering a completely developed cloud management platform driven by emerging business needs, authorizes IT professionals to harness agile solutions, and endeavors to provide ground-breaking IT cloud solutions, including Microsoft 365, dynamic 365, Performance Cloud, and Microsoft Azure. Their exceptional cloud services providers work with companies to help choose the right products and help you design your cloud infrastructure. Microsoft Azure enables business in the cloud with the technologies you know, such as Windows and Linux. It allows you to move your business with solutions like Windows virtual desktop, advanced security, backup and disaster recovery, and Lift and shift migration strategy.

    • Services: High-touch Partnership, Support, Migration, Sales Assistance, Cloud Management Portal, MSPs/VARs/IT Consultants, Microsoft CSP, Microsoft Azure DevOps.
    • Founded in - 1998
    • No. of Employees- 1001-5000
    • Headquarters- Sherbrooke, Quebec

  35. Convergine
  36. Convergine is a full-service digital consultancy and is also known as one of the best Microsoft Azure cloud service providers in Markham, Canada. They boast a team of tech and design enthusiasts who offer unique digital experiences, helping businesses succeed. Convergine, with its extensive experience, focuses on designing stunning websites and functional web apps hosted on modern digital infrastructure, along with eye-catching branding. They believe in delivering agile, efficient, and secure cloud infrastructure to drive growth and innovation. With Azure, data migration, application, and infrastructure modernization form the backbone of your digital transformation, integrating your apps, processes, and data to empower your business.

    • Services: Application development, website design, cloud service, Microsoft Azure bot services, Microsoft Azure cloud services.
    • Founded in - 1998
    • No. of Employees- 2-10
    • Headquarters- Markham, Ontario, Canada

  37. Kloudeo
  38. Kloudeo is at the forefront of Enterprise Cloud DevOps, providing high-performing on-demand DevOps solutions. Additionally, it is recognized as one of the best Microsoft Azure DevOps service providers in Toronto, Canada. Their expert team of engineers is dedicated to automating and scaling your product development, ensuring efficiency and excellence. They deliver modern, integrated end-to-end cloud solutions tailored to your needs. Through a thorough assessment of the business environment, they devise effective optimization plans, with their Cloud DevOps experts excelling in optimization processes following the best practices. By integrating cloud and open-source technologies, they bring tangible business benefits, saving both time and costs.

    • Services: DevOps CI/CD Services, DevOps Consulting Services, DevOps Adoption, DevOps Automation Services, DevOps Monitoring & Management, Release Management, CI/CD pipeline, Cloud Engineer, Azure Cloud Architect, and Cloud DevOps Engineers.
    • Founded in - 2010
    • No. of Employees- 2-10
    • Headquarters- Markham, Ontario, Canada

  39. Torq IT
  40. Torq IT is an innovative and one of the best Azure DevOps service provider in Canada, founded in. The company boasts a team of professionals who are tech enthusiasts. Over time, they have unfailingly delivered high-quality software solutions within specified timeframes and budgets. With a certified Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate, they demonstrate proficiency in the Azure Stack, resulting in excellent end products. Identifying the significance of a company's data, Torq IT emphasizes the importance of a complete data model tailored to your business needs, saving both time and money. Their primary focus on solutions such as the Pimcore Data & Experience Management Platform and Cloud-based Web Services & Web Portals highlights their technological diversity.

    • Services: Integrations, Cloud solution, Data analysis, Dashboards, Pimcore, Product Information Management, PIM, Data Management, and Management Solutions
    • Founded in - 2015
    • No. of Employees- 2-10
    • Headquarters- Prince Edward Island, Canada

Hope the above list of azure devops companies will help you choose the right agency for your business growth. All the best for growing your business to great heights.

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