TOP 26 AI Development Companies in UAE in 2024

Introduction to AI Development in UAE 2024

Artificial Intelligence (AI) development in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in 2024 stands at the intersection of technological prowess and visionary initiatives. The UAE has been on a remarkable journey of technological evolution, positioning itself as a global hub for innovation. As the nation embraces the digital age, AI emerges as a cornerstone, driving transformative changes across various sectors. Let’s embark on a journey into the cutting-edge realm of Artificial Intelligence development in the UAE for 2024. Our comprehensive article unveils the leading companies spearheading AI innovation, offering tailored solutions for various industries. Explore the expertise of adept developers driving advancements in machine learning and crafting customized AI applications. This overview provides a glimpse into the transformative landscape of 26 prominent AI companies, guiding businesses toward a future empowered by intelligent technologies.

  1. CSP Solutions
  2. CSP Solutions is one of the best AI development companies in UAE, operating under the banner of CSP Solutions, emerges as an innovative and value-oriented builder and provider of software and hardware solutions. Specializing in 'Turnkey Solutions,' we cater to a wide array of sectors and vertical markets, establishing strategic partnerships with prominent IT vendors like Microsoft, IBM Solutions, Intel AI, SAP, and Oracle. This collaboration equips CSP to deliver a diverse portfolio of Cloud and On-premise solutions tailored for various industries, serving clients ranging from small and medium enterprises to Fortune 500 and 100 companies. Our expertise extends to Research and Development services in software, hardware, machine learning, and computational intelligence. At the heart of our mission is the commitment to make optimization accessible to businesses, saving both time and money. Whether through strategic alliances or cutting-edge research, CSP Solutions is dedicated to delivering excellence, ensuring efficiency and success for your business.

  3. GCCMarketing
  4. GCC Marketing: Pioneering Digital Excellence in Dubai is one of the top AI development companies in UAE, as a prominent digital agency based in Dubai, has established itself as a leader in delivering exceptional services. Specializing in various key areas, including Branding Identity, UI/UX Design, eCommerce stores, Android & iOS App design and development, eCommerce marketplaces, corporate websites, custom software solutions, and digital marketing, the company has been at the forefront since its inception in 2009. Holding a robust position as one of the premier providers of web and digital services in the region, GCC Marketing's unwavering commitment centres around its clients. Whether an entity is an established company or a burgeoning startup, GCC Marketing has tailored and exceptional solutions for every client's unique needs.

  5. Spell Systems
  6. Spell System: Custom Software Development is among the top AI development companies in UAE, their development methodology embraces an AI-enhanced approach, leveraging state-of-the-art AI technologies to generate interface concepts, draft textual content, compile libraries of graphical elements, execute routine operations in code, conduct quality checks, and document code. This innovative approach aims to boost performance, minimize costs, expedite release cycles, and allow a heightened focus on the creative facets of the development process.

  7. SDLC Corporation
  8. SDLC Corporation is among the best AI development companies in UAE, they explore the realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) through the implementation of cutting-edge technologies. Experience the seamless integration of AI and ML in workflow automation, as well as the efficiency achieved through Robotic Process Automation, including the automation of invoice processing.

  9. AskGalore
  10. AskGalore is the best AI development company in UAE, It is an IT Services company, specializes in offering comprehensive solutions in Blockchain Development and Artificial Intelligence. Our expertise extends across Enterprise Software Development, Mobile App Development, SEO, and Performance Marketing. As a dedicated Blockchain Development company, we excel in Smart Contract Development, NFT Marketplace Development, NFT Development, and DApps Development.

  11. Cheetah Agency
  12. Cheetah Agency is among the top AI development companies in UAE, they specializes in a spectrum of advanced technologies, including Data Mining, A.I. Software, Cognitive Services, Computer Vision, Recommendation System, Distributed A.I., Conversational A.I., Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Neural Network, NLP Services, and Robotic Processes. A global leader in delivering tailored creative, tech, and marketing services to enterprises, franchisees.

  13. Mobcoder Logo
  14. Hire a Solidity developer from Labrys, one the best Solidity development company headquartered in Fortitude Valley, Queensland, Australia. The company has a team of professionals who are not just limited to coding but are also focused on product development. This includes consulting on direction, running workshops, designing interfaces, and architecting solutions on-chain. Lybrys specializes in developing all supporting infrastructure to enable any Web 3.0 solution. They have supported startups, enterprises, governments, and some of the world’s largest Solidity organizations in using this technology to improve existing techniques and become industry innovators.Hire a Solidity developer from Labrys, one the best Solidity development company headquartered in Fortitude Valley, Queensland, Australia. The company has a team of professionals who are not just limited to coding but are also focused on product development. This includes consulting on direction, running workshops, designing interfaces, and architecting solutions on-chain. Lybrys specializes in developing all supporting infrastructure to enable any Web 3.0 solution. They have supported startups, enterprises, governments, and some of the world’s largest Solidity organizations in using this technology to improve existing techniques and become industry innovators.

  15. Inventale
  16. Inventale is the best AI development companies in UAE, they prides itself on its exceptional team, carefully curated to include talented and dedicated individuals. The company values both academic excellence and real-world achievements, with team members holding advanced degrees, including Doctors of Science and Ph.Ds in technical and mathematical sciences. Notably, the team also includes winners of international Olympiads in mathematics, programming, and robotics and AI experts. Beyond academic credentials, many team members bring extensive project development experience, contributing to the company's diverse skill set. With over 20 years of experience, Inventale has established itself as a leader in first-class software development. The team, consisting of over 40 enthusiastic professionals, has successfully completed more than 50 projects across various industries, showcasing their commitment to delivering innovative solutions.

  17. MMC Global
  18. MMC Global is one of the best AI development companies in UAE, they stands at the forefront of digital innovation, offering unparalleled expertise in crafting transformative, data-driven solutions for businesses. With a dedicated team of engineers and developers, MMC Global specializes in custom software development, high-performance mobile apps, secure web applications, ERP systems, and business automation tools. Its commitment extends beyond mere solutions; its aim is to revolutionize workflows and operations, providing tailored services across various tech stacks. As a trusted partner in the digital realm, MMC Global empowers businesses with innovative, efficient, and secure solutions, ensuring they thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of technology.

  19. Blue Logic Digital
  20. Blue Logic Digital is a leader in AI innovation, delivering customized solutions for various industries. Utilize OpenAI-powered bots for personalized customer support and simplify operations with Computer Vision and OCR technologies. Streamline workflows with RPA bots, transforming backend operations. Enhance digital experiences through Conversational AI, AI chatbots, and Machine Learning for extraordinary customer interactions. Trust Blue Logic Digital for eCommerce bots that offer real-time support. With a proven track record serving 30+ brands, they excel in education, healthcare, retail, and more. Their immersive VR experiences, like those for Medcare, showcase their commitment to no-touch and low-touch solutions, redefining the perception of technology. Blue Logic Digital stands out as one of the best AI developers and AI/ML development companies, featuring top engineers and experts in the field.

  21. Techno Group Orginator
  22. Techno Group Originator is among the best AI development companies in UAE, they specialize in minimizing the time and cost of every business or project, offering expert team formation for efficient results. Its services include suggesting and providing cutting-edge solutions in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and IoT. They excel in developing software projects with scalable architecture and database design, ensuring robust and adaptable solutions. Additionally, they take pride in our FAST Lead Generation techniques, employing advanced methods to boost sales and drive success for your business. Anyone can Trust Techno Group Originator for innovative and strategic approaches to elevate project to new heights.

  24. Eora AI is one the best AI development companies in UAE, they are based in Moscow and Innopolis, stands at the forefront of AI innovation, consistently demonstrating excellence in its endeavors. Specializing in reading scientific research, implementing best practices, and adapting swiftly to new technologies, Eora AI is passionate about a diverse range of projects. With a comprehensive understanding of all AI types, the company employs its project management system to track and enhance ongoing developments, focusing on processing and natural language processing. Eora AI's commitment to flexibility is evident in its creation of chatbots with computer vision, surpassing the limitations of ready-made solutions. Actively engaged in knowledge sharing, Eora AI specialists frequently contribute to industry conferences, conduct lectures, and educate at esteemed institutions. The company has successfully completed 60 projects since its inception in 2015. In addition to its thriving AI community of over 800 individuals, Eora AI has established a notable presence in the UAE, contributing to the region's advancement in artificial intelligence.

  25. Strawberry Labs
  26. Strawberry Labs is the best AI developmrent companies in UAE, a renowned tech company in the UAE, has firmly established itself as a trusted partner for numerous clients across the region. Strawberry Labs has accomplished 100 projects and secured over 30 victories in competition programming and hackathons, showcasing their expertise and innovation in the tech industry. With a commitment to delivering high-Caliber tech support services, Strawberry Labs has garnered the trust of its clientele. The company excels in thoroughly analysing and understanding the unique needs of its clients, ensuring the delivery of optimal solutions. The company excels in building software renowned for its robust and efficient back-end, coupled with an intuitive UI/UX. Strawberry Labs takes pride in its successful track record, customer referrals, and a team of experienced professionals, all contributing to its guarantee of success. The company is proud to be 100% GDPR compliant, emphasizing its commitment to data protection and privacy. Recognized as a top-rated software company with a 4.9 Clutch rating, Strawberry Labs boasts an impressive 80% client return rate for subsequent projects, underscoring its excellence and client satisfaction in the tech industry.

  27. Reliable Robotics
  28. Reliable Robotics: is the top AI deeevelopment companies in UAE, they stands as the Middle East's premier Robotics & AI company, established in 2018. With a focus on cutting-edge technologies, we have successfully executed over 200 projects, written nearly 10,000 lines of code, and garnered satisfaction from 100+ happy customers. Our mission revolves around creating an extensive ecosystem of robots and advanced technologies, aiming to revolutionize smart services in sectors such as airports, banking, hospitals, and education. At Reliable Robotics, we drive innovation through applied technology, internal initiatives, and strategic external partnerships, positioning ourselves as pioneers in the field.

  29. Iaora
  30. IAORA is at the forefront of transforming brand communication through groundbreaking holographic experiences. At IAORA, we anticipate a future where customer engagement is revolutionized by Artificial Intelligence, and our IAORA Holograms play a pivotal role in shaping that vision. These holographic experiences redefine user interaction, offering a level of realism and interactivity that surpasses conventional approaches. From the realms of fashion and retail to entertainment and education, IAORA Holograms open up limitless possibilities limited only by your imagination. Embracing innovation as a core principle, IAORA is dedicated to helping you bring your ideas to life in an entirely new dimension.

  31. Morningside AI
  32. Morningside AI is a leading AI development company that specializes in autonomous agents. Venturing into AI initiatives without a thorough understanding of their feasibility can result in resource expenditure with minimal returns. Morningside AI offers comprehensive Feasibility Assessments for proposed AI projects, ensuring a robust foundation built on practicality, viability, and potential return on investment. Its consultants, based in Dubai, UAE, meticulously evaluate the technical, operational, and financial dimensions of your AI aspirations. This rigorous assessment ensures that each AI project is not only actionable but also aligns seamlessly with your business's infrastructure, goals, and available resources. With Morningside AI's expertise, you can confidently move forward, making informed decisions and maximizing the impact of your AI initiatives.

  33. Saal AI
  34. pioneers cutting-edge cognitive AI solutions tailored for information-intensive sectors like healthcare, financial services, and public services, propelling businesses into the digital era. Harnessing the capabilities of AI and the diverse possibilities arising from human-machine interaction, is dedicated to unlocking exponential growth opportunities. The distinctiveness of's framework lies in its adaptability, continually optimized to seamlessly integrate into any business environment, offering flexibility and efficiency. The ultimate goal is to empower humanity to lead meaningful and compassionate lives through the transformative potential of cognitive AI., headquartered in Abu Dhabi, UAE, is at the forefront of leading AI and digital transformation in the region. We empower industries and organizations through the implementation of dynamic artificial intelligence and digital transformation technologies.

  35. Sekuen
  36. Sekuen is the Top AI development companies in UAE, a Boutique AI consultancy firm dedicated to empowering businesses with the transformative capabilities of Artificial Intelligence. Their approach extends beyond off-the-shelf solutions, emphasizing the development of customized AI applications specifically tailored to address the unique needs and challenges of each client. Sekuen, based in Dubai, revolutionizes industries with AI and data science, optimizing processes in oil and gas, construction, tourism, financial services, logistics, manufacturing, retail, and media and entertainment. From predictive maintenance to personalized experiences, Sekuen empowers businesses and innovations in IT, ensuring precision in pharma labs and empowering patients with AI-driven solutions.

  37. HireSmart AI
  38. HireSmart is the leading AI development company which is based in the UAE, pioneers the future of marketing with its AI-driven platform, Harry. Strategically integrating market data and consumer insights, Harry crafts robust marketing strategies ensuring brands hit the mark. As a content maestro, it generates engaging content across channels, optimizing impact and reach. Harry, the data analyst, dives deep into analytics, offering actionable insights and optimizing campaign performance. From managing social media to orchestrating multi-channel campaigns, Harry ensures maximum brand presence. Specialized roles, including SEO Expert Harry and Visual Designer Harry, optimize content and create stunning visuals. With expertise in AI-driven image creation, audience simulation, and multilingual campaigns, provides comprehensive marketing solutions tailored to specific audiences. The platform's ability to emulate ideal customers and predict trends through predictive analytics and machine learning makes it a game-changer in the marketing landscape of the UAE.

  39. Levent Analytics
  40. Levent Analytics is among the best AI development companies in UAE, the revolutionizes AI transformation journeys by harnessing the power of innovation akin to the wind. Recognizing the uniqueness of each business, they collaborate closely with clients, crafting custom frameworks using industry best practices to propel them towards their goals with unparalleled speed and efficiency. While building an in-house Data Science or AI function can be time-consuming and costly, Levent Analytics eliminates these challenges. They provide the expertise needed to develop tailor-made AI solutions, understanding clients' business processes and pain points. Their focus extends beyond insights; they collaborate with clients to convert AI-driven revelations into tangible cash flow and cost-saving opportunities, ensuring a seamless, quality delivery every step of the way.

  41. Ewaantech
  42. Ewaantech headquartered in Dubai with additional offices in India, Hong Kong, and Jeddah, stands as a leading mobile app development and website development company in Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Over the past four years, their experienced and dedicated team has successfully delivered more than 60 projects globally. Their commitment to excellence is evident in the fact that over 80% of their projects come from referrals of satisfied existing clients. They are a one-stop solution for a range of IT-related requirements, offering services such as web apps and e-commerce development. At Ewaantech, they prioritize understanding each client's business thoroughly, enabling to deliver tailored and beneficial suggestions to foster their business growth.

  43. WhizKey
  44. Whizkey a global leader in IT services, has a widespread presence, with offices in the USA, Dubai, UAE, and Gujarat, India. With a proven track record spanning 25 years, Whizkey specializes in a diverse range of services, including Managed Services, IT Consulting & Advisory, Robotic Process Automation Development, Web Development, Mobile Apps Development, Artificial Intelligence Development, Network Connectivity, and ERP Solutions. The company has significantly contributed to its clients' success, generating over $400 million in client revenue, achieving an impressive 98% customer satisfaction rate, and positively impacting more than 3.3 million users. Whizkey's commitment to excellence is reflected in its swift and efficient service, boasting an average response time of less than six hours.

  45. Oz Forensics
  46. Oz Forensics, established in 2017 and headquartered in Dubai, UAE, stands as an independent private vendor specializing in robust, technology-based, and AI-powered liveness detection and face-matching solutions. Certified with ISO-30107 Level 1 and 2 standards, Oz Liveness, their cutting-edge facial recognition and authentication software, is renowned for its reliability and trustworthiness. With a focus on combating financial crime and preventing biometric fraud, Oz Forensics boasts a team of highly skilled engineers, computer vision researchers, industry experts, and data scientists. Their advanced solutions, including Oz Liveness and Oz Biometry with a remarkable 99.99% accuracy in NIST FRVT, reflect their commitment to offering top-notch security solutions to both private and public organizations globally. The company's comprehensive approach includes active and passive liveness check options, on-device and server-based implementation, protection against various attacks, and continuous improvement driven by a diverse background in cybersecurity, video, and image analysis.

  47. Takeleap
  48. TAKELEAP, a cutting-edge technology agency with a global presence, has positioned itself as a leader in revolutionizing customer engagement for brands. Established in 2013, the company has garnered immense success, having completed over 900 projects and earned recognition through 30+ awards for its outstanding contributions. With a dedicated team of 150+ members, TAKELEAP stands at the forefront of technology consulting, aiming to be the "Go-to Tech Company" across various industries. The company's commitment to integrity, perseverance, hard work, loyalty, knowledge, and innovation is reflected in its value system. TAKELEAP specializes in translating clients' ideas into mesmerizing and memorable experiences through mixed reality solutions, creating immersive encounters that bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds. By raising the bar in technology consulting and services, TAKELEAP strives to deliver unparalleled quality, support, and innovation to its customers, maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and values.

  49. XenonStack
  50. XenonStack Company is a provider of Technology Consulting Services and Solutions based in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Their commitment to innovation is evident in their approach to resilient architecture, captivating customer experiences, and industry-driven platform modernization strategies. XenonStack recognize conventional development approaches may limit enterprises in developing cross-sector expertise and scalable IT infrastructure. With Enterprise 5G solutions, they offer a wealth of opportunities to enhance agility, security, reliability, and connectivity. Their Unified Technology Transformation roadmap encourages enterprises to accelerate and scale IT modernization best practices, leverage Intelligent Automation capabilities, and streamline development processes. Through an automation-driven strategy, we ensure cost-effective operations, continuous experimentation, and scalable Infrastructure Optimization. Their streamlined digital transformation adoption includes a purpose-driven development approach, empowerment of Human-centred AI capabilities, and legacy systems modernization. To drive growth and accelerate business outcomes, XenonStack focus on maximizing the potential of modern technology, enhancing customer experiences, and streamlining technology implementation. To embark on a modernized and simplified digital transformation journey, companies need to foster culture change, manifest strategies to improve operational processes, and efficiently observe progress toward established goals.

  51. Data Capture System
  52. Data Capture Systems (DCS) traces its roots back to 1989 when Fuad Mohammed Jalal, an entrepreneur with a visionary outlook, founded the company. His mission was to establish a customer-centric group of professionals dedicated to advancing the use of barcodes to enhance business efficiency and productivity. Despite initial skepticism, Jalal foresaw an information technology revolution in the GCC countries and believed barcodes were the ideal tool to transform raw data into crucial information. Today, DCS stands as a leading provider of business-enabling solutions in the field of Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC), employing technologies like Barcoding, RFID, Wireless, GPS, Voice, Sensor, and Biometrics. Headquartered in Dubai, DCS operates across 9 offices in the region, including UAE (Dubai & Abu Dhabi), Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, and Saudi Arabia (Riyadh, Jeddah – Al Khobar). With a team of 135+ professionals, DCS is recognized for its excellence, earning accolades such as the Zebra Technologies award for "Highest Revenue Growth for the Region" and the "Best Performance of the Year 2022" for the META region at the Honeywell Partner Executive Forum, UAE.

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