10 Best AI/ML Development Companies in New Zealand in 2024


New Zealand highly values technology and innovation, particularly in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). The country boasts some of the best AI development companies that help businesses by creating intelligent software. These tools can perform tasks automatically, comprehend language, and even perceive things like humans. These companies collaborate with various industries, such as healthcare and finance, to create top AI solutions that simplify work processes and promote business growth. With their expertise in AI technology, they continuously explore new ways to tackle complex problems for businesses.

  1. Ambit AI
  2. Ambit is one of the op AI development companies in Auckland, New Zealand, they stand as the go-to platform for scaling customer service through automated conversations. Renowned brands such as The Warehouse Group, Noel Leeming, Hallenstein Brothers, Vector, Vodafone, Tower Insurance, and many others have embraced Ambit's enterprise solution. This adoption has resulted in revenue growth, enhanced cost management, improved agent efficiency, and elevated customer satisfaction.

    • Services: AI Endpoint Security, Penetration testing, User awareness training, Managed security services, Darknet Monitoring, and Phishing Simulation Testing
    • Year of Establishment - 2015
    • Headquarters- Auckland, New Zealand
    • No. of Employees- 2-10

  3. Cyber Future
  4. Cyber Future is among the best AI development companies in Auckland New Zealand, with more than 25 years of industry expertise, is a trusted name in providing cybersecurity solutions to large enterprises across New Zealand and Australia. Renowned for our specialization in consulting, penetration testing, and AI endpoint security, they ensure top-notch services through strategic collaborations with leading cybersecurity vendors. Our commitment to excellence has been acknowledged with prestigious accolades, including recognition as one of the Top 25 Cyber Security Providers in the Asia Pacific region by CIO APAC Advisor Magazine, positioning us among the top three New Zealand-based companies on this esteemed list.

    • Services: Services: AI Endpoint Security, Penetration testing, User awareness training, Managed security services, Darknet Monitoring, and Phishing Simulation Testing
    • Year of Establishment - 2015
    • Headquarters- Auckland, New Zealand
    • No. of Employees- 2-10

  5. Cub Digital
  6. Cub Digital is one of the best AI development companies in Auckland New Zealand, the aim was to establish a company where clients thrive financially while indulging in analyzing extensive datasets and cultivating meaningful friendships filled with laughter and memorable stories. At the core of our principles lies honesty, as they believe in the genuine enhancement of most businesses. The value proposition revolves around success, with the dedication to ensuring prosperity through long-term partnerships spanning multiple years.

    • Services: AI, BI, Software, Web Development, App Development, Fintech, and ERP Systems
    • Year of Establishment - 2020
    • Headquarters- Auckland, New Zealand
    • No. of Employees- 11-50

  7. Aider
  8. Aider is among the Top AI development companies in Auckland, New Zealand, since its inception, has been driven by the mission to support small businesses. It all began with the Mobile App, designed to guide SMB owners through their daily operations, and has since evolved to assist accountants and bookkeepers in optimizing AI for proactive advisory services, benefiting their SMB clients. Aider's journey started with a small yet innovative team, whose collective expertise is integral to the magic and growth of our products.

    • Services: Machine Learning, Technology, Accounting Technology, Bookkeeping Technology, Advisory, Accounting, Bookkeeping, Financial Dashboard, Data Compliance Software, Data Compliance, Proactive Advisory, Advisory Solutions, Advisory Platform, Xero Integration, Cash Flow Estimates, Cash Flow Software, Cloud Software, Artificial Intelligence, AI, and Financial KPI Dashboard
    • Year of Establishment - 2017
    • Headquarters- Auckland, New Zealand
    • No. of Employees- 2-10

  9. AskGalore
  10. AskGalore is the best AI development company it has made its presence in the Netherlands, the USA, Finland, and India. With a robust portfolio encompassing Enterprise Software Development, Mobile App Development, SEO, and Performance Marketing, they are committed to delivering end-to-end solutions to meet the diverse needs of its clients. They offer a wide range of services which are Software Development, Search Engine Optimization, Artificial Intelligence(AI), Solidity, and Smart contract development. Hire AI developers who are committed to pushing the boundaries of technology and delivering most advance solutions for your business needs.

    • Services: MERN Stack Development, Custom Enterprise Software, Blockchain Solutions, Search Engine Optimisation, Digital Marketing, Performance Marketing, Ethereum, Smart Contract Development, Polygon, Solana, Binance, Solidity, Cardano, Hyperledger Fabric, and DApps
    • Year of Establishment - 2018
    • Headquarters- Bhopal, and Mumbai, India, Lelystad, Finland, The USA, UAE
    • No. of Employees- 50-80

  11. Yabble
  12. Yabble is one of the best AI/ML development companies in Auckland, New Zealand, they stand as a provider of world-leading AI software tailored for insights. From data creation to analysis, it serves as the end-to-end AI solution for insights users across the globe, delivering exceptional ROI and utility to brands, researchers, and agencies alike. The company's decades of research expertise, coupled with its status as the earliest creator of Generative AI tools utilizing OpenAI's renowned GPT neural network, establish Yabble as a true pioneer and innovative leader in the field. Yabble's capabilities range from data creation to unstructured text analysis, encompassing tasks such as counting, identifying themes, summarizing, and engaging in interactive conversations, all within a completely secure environment.

    • Services: Generative AI, Augmented Data, Insights, ChatGPT, SAAS, Market Research, Customer Experience, and NPS
    • Year of Establishment - 2013
    • Headquarters- Auckland, Sydney, Los Angeles
    • No. of Employees- 11-50

  13. Soul Machines
  14. Soul Machines is one of the top AI development companies in Auckland, New Zealand, they emerges as a frontrunner in the humanization of AI, specializing in the creation of autonomously animated Digital People. These innovative creations empower organizations to redefine customer experiences in the contemporary digital landscape and the emerging metaverse. Distinguished by its patented Digital Brain and Autonomous Animation technology, Soul Machines stands as the sole entity capable of delivering the complete capabilities and benefits of human-machine collaboration in a responsive, relatable, and unprecedented manner.

    • Services: Artificial Intelligence, Technology, Science, Research, Emotional Intelligence, and Digital Humans.
    • Year of Establishment - 2012
    • Headquarters- Auckland, New Zealand
    • No. of Employees- 50-200

  15. Element X
  16. ElementX is one of the best AI development companies in Auckland, New Zealand, founded in 2013, ElementX (formerly known as Spark 64) emerged as an applied AI agency specializing in assisting organizations in harnessing cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence to enhancing productivity, reducing costs, and establish new competitive advantages. The team comprises AI experts extensively trained in the latest AI technologies, offering world-leading solutions, R&D, and consulting services.

    • Services: Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Conversational AI, Data Science, Recommendation Engines, Natural Language Processing, Digital Humans, AI, Natural Language Understanding, Chatbots, Predictive Analytics, Consultation, Proof Of Concept, and Machine Vision
    • Year of Establishment - 2013
    • Headquarters- Auckland, Belgium
    • No. of Employees- 11-50

  17. Zapperr
  18. Zapperr is one of the best AI development companies in Auckland, New Zealand, a dynamic technology company deeply dedicated to the world of technology. Beyond its technical prowess, the company comprises a diverse team of passionate problem-solvers. Their journey is marked by an unwavering pursuit of knowledge and a commitment to quality. Collaboration with clients across various industries defines Zapperr's story. At the heart of Zapperr lies its team, a diverse group of professionals, each bringing a unique set of skills and experiences. United by a shared passion for technology and a mission to exceed client expectations, they operate as innovators, creatives, and strategists. Together, they seamlessly bring digital ideas to life, delivering solutions that resonate with clients' needs and aspirations.

    • Services: Custom Software Development, Digital Strategy, Mobile App Development, Social Media Marketing, Web Development, E-Commerce Development, IT Strategy Consulting
    • Year of Establishment - 2016
    • Headquarters- Auckland, New Zealand
    • No. of Employees- 2-9

  19. Datamine
  20. Datamine is one of the top AI development companies in Auckland, New Zealand, The mission of the company is to become the most trusted analytics company in Australasia, leveraging data to move beyond guesswork and address critical business challenges. They aim to connect and empower individuals to harness the power of data analytics on a daily basis. Through a focus on collaboration, innovation, and pragmatic excellence, the company provides organizations with the insights needed to unlock the value within their data. With over 25 years of experience, Datamine helps businesses make intelligent, data-driven decisions. Their approach ensures repeatable success while also offering training to enable clients to conduct analytics independently.

    • Services: Customer Segmentation, Customer Profiling, Data Mining, Predictive Modelling, Analytics Consultancy, Statistical Analysis, Forecasting, Explanatory Modelling, Optimisation, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Segmentation, Visualisation, Data Analytics, Marketing Automation, Sales Forecasting, Campaign Management, Data Strategy, Churn modeling, Data science, Loyalty program analysis, Lifetime Value, Data management, Data hygiene, Statistical modeling, and Risk modeling
    • Year of Establishment - 1995
    • Headquarters- Auckland, New Zealand
    • No. of Employees- 51-200


The AI/ML development sector in New Zealand is experiencing significant growth as various companies lead innovation in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Ambit AI focuses on scaling customer service through automated conversations while Cyber Future provides cybersecurity solutions. Cub Digital prioritizes honesty and long-term partnerships, Aider supports small businesses, and AskGalore has a global presence. Yabble offers cutting-edge AI software tailored for insights and Soul Machines humanizes AI. ElementX provides applied AI solutions and RepliKr advances conversational design and digital healthcare. These companies are driving New Zealand's position as a leader in AI development companies, continually innovating and offering valuable solutions to businesses worldwide.

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