24 Top Artificial Intelligence Development Companies in France 2024

In 2024, France will host a list of premier AI companies, celebrated for their proficiency in offering AI Development Services, Artificial Intelligence, Development, Machine Learning Solutions, Computer Vision Services, Deep Learning Development, Custom AI Solutions, AI Consulting, Predictive Analytics, and Data Science. These industry leaders specialize in delivering innovative and personalized solutions within the domain of artificial intelligence.

  1. AskGalore
  2. AskGalore, one of the best AI development companies in France, stands out as a premier Artificial Intelligence service provider, renowned for its excellence in both India and the USA. With a strong customer base in the USA, AskGalore boasts expertise across various domains including AI development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), mobile app development, Blockchain, IT augmentation, and more. As a leading AI development company, AskGalore excels in delivering innovative solutions tailored to the needs of clients in India and the USA, setting a benchmark for quality and reliability in the industry. Hire AI developers who are committed to pushing the boundaries of technology and delivering the most advanced solutions for your business needs.

    • Services: AI development, mobile app development, search engine optimization, blockchain, web development
    • Year of Establishment - 2018
    • Headquarters- India, France, Norway, The USA
    • No. of Employees- 50-80

  3. Dataiku
  4. Dataiku is the best AI development company in France the platform for Everyday AI, simplifying data usage for outstanding business outcomes. By leveraging Dataiku, organizations empower their teams to make better decisions every day, whether they are technical or business-focused. With over 500 companies worldwide utilizing Dataiku, they drive various applications, from fraud detection to customer churn prevention, predictive maintenance to supply chain optimization, and beyond.

    • Services: Data Science, Machine Learning, Data Science Platform, Collaborative Data Science, End-to-End Data Science Platform, Enterprise AI, Big Data, AutoML, Data Prep, Responsible AI, Transparent AI, Scalable AI, and Data Democratization
    • Year of Establishment- 2013
    • Headquarters- Paris, New York, Chicago
    • No. of Employees- 1001-5000

  5. Shift Technology
  6. Shift Technology is one of the best AI/ML development companies in France, the provider of AI decision-making solutions revolutionizing the global insurance industry and customer experiences. Products enable insurers to automate and optimize decisions across underwriting to claims, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction, operational efficiency, and cost savings. The future of insurance begins with Decisions Made Better.

    • Services: Mathematics, Computer Science, Big Data, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Insurance
    • Year of Establishment - 2013
    • Headquarters- Paris, France
    • No. of Employees- 500-1000

  7. Exotec
  8. Exotec is one of the best AI development companies in leads the industry in building elegant goods-to-person warehouse robotic solutions for the world's largest brands. By integrating cutting-edge hardware and software, we deliver flexible warehouse systems that drive operational efficiency, enhance resilience, and improve working conditions for operators. Trusted by over 30 industry-leading brands, including Carrefour, Decathlon, Gap, and Uniqlo, Exotec® empowers businesses to optimize operations and adapt to evolving business models and customer expectations profitably.

    • Services: Logistics, Order Preparation, Robotics, Picking, Robots, Industry 4.0, Robotics, Logistics, Innovation, Retail, E-commerce, Logistics, Robot, AI, Machine learning, Supply chain, Order Preparation, E-grocery, and Microfulfillment
    • Year of Establishment - 2015
    • Headquarters- Atlanta, Croxi, Landshut, Minato city
    • No. of Employees- 501-1000

  9. Algolia
  10. Algolia is among the best AI development companies in France, With top-notch natural language processing and keyword via vector search, Algolia offers a single API supported by hyperscale indexing. Our mission is simple: 'Powering Discovery'. Trusted by over 17,000 customers like Under Armour and Lacoste, Algolia ensures fast and relevant search experiences for millions of users across any device. Processing 1.75 Trillion search requests annually, Algolia serves one in six online users and over 5 million developers monthly.

    • Services: API, Search, Discovery, Personalization, SaaS, eCommerce, Composability, Recommendations, Browse, and AI
    • Year of Establishment - 2012
    • Headquarters- California
    • No. of Employees- 501-1000

  11. Hugging Face
  12. Hugging Face is one of the best AI/ML development companies in France, they are established in the USA and work remotely and do the job with accuracy and they are one of the best ai development companies in France serving. They offer machine learning, NLP, and deep learning to their clients.

    • Services: machine learning, natural language processing, and deep learning
    • Year of Establishment - 2016
    • Headquarters- The USA, Paris
    • No. of Employees- 11-50

  13. Navya
  14. Navya is among the best AI Development companies in France, the forefront leader in autonomous mobility solutions for both people and goods transportation, Gama (Gaussian Macnica Mobility) operates in France and internationally. With a solid foundation in technological and logistical expertise, alongside esteemed partnerships, Gama offers turnkey driving system solutions to its customers. Leveraging a network of highly skilled industry players, GMM is renowned as a reference player in the autonomous and zero-emission mobility sector. Through collaborative efforts with shareholders Gaussin and Macnica, Gama is poised to unlock new synergies and growth opportunities. Gama's portfolio includes the Arma and Evo autonomous shuttles, alongside the development of cutting-edge L4 autonomous driving technology suitable for both passenger transport and logistics platforms. Additionally, Charlatte Autonom continues its advancements with the Autonom® Tract for goods transportation.

    • Services: Autonomous Vehicles, Driverless Buses, Autonomous Shuttle,, NAVYA Group, Christophe Sapet, Driverless Tech, Driverless, Artificial Intelligence, Startup, Driverless Shuttles, Shuttle, Bus, Tech, Smart Mobility, Transportation Innovation, Transportation, Innovation, AI, Last Mile, Robo-taxi, and Driverless taxis
    • Year of Establishment - 2019
    • Headquarters- VILLEURBANNE, Saline, Puteaux, Greater Lyon area
    • No. of Employees- 51-200

  15. C3 AI
  16. C3 AI is the best AI Development company in France, data works for you. Ahead of supply chain delays, meet delivery deadlines. Real-time tracking of sustainability goals reduces energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions. Integrate health record systems to optimize patient visits and reduce waitlist times. Our generative AI enhances efficiency atop the C3 AI Platform and turnkey applications, transforming operations across industries.

    • Services: Generative AI, GenAI, AI, and Enterprise AI
    • Year of Establishment - 2009
    • Headquarters- California
    • No. of Employees- 1001-5000

  18. SOPHiA GENETICS is the best AI development company in France, they introduce SOPHiA DDM™, a cloud-based platform proficient in analyzing complex multimodal datasets and various modalities, generating insightful results. Healthcare institutions benefit from quick, robust insights, particularly in areas like cancer and inherited disorders, where integrating genomic and phenotypic data is crucial for research and drug development. Our data-sharing methodology fosters collaboration among researchers and healthcare professionals, leveraging AI and ML to identify and share patterns. Designed for continual improvement, our universal platform evolves as more data is analyzed.

    • Services: Bioinformatics, Algorithms, genomics, big data, clinical, artificial intelligence, AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Oncology, Cancer, ctDNA, Liquid Biopsy, Data-Driven Medicine, Precision Medicine, and AI in Healthcare
    • Year of Establishment - 2011
    • Headquarters- Boston, Rolle
    • No. of Employees- 201-500

  19. Owkin
  20. Owkin is among the top AI/ML companies in France, they are an AI biotechnology firm that utilizes artificial intelligence to tailor treatments for individual patients. By merging human expertise with AI capabilities, we address research queries shared by biopharma and academic researchers. Our mission is to bridge the gap between complex biology and new treatments, expediting the delivery of diagnostics and drugs to patients. Leveraging AI, we identify new treatments, accelerate clinical trials, and develop diagnostic tools. Through federated learning, a collaborative AI framework, Owkin empowers partners to extract valuable insights from disparate datasets while safeguarding patient privacy and proprietary data. Co-founded in 2016 by Thomas Clozel MD, a former assistant professor in clinical on-hematology, and Gilles Wainrib, a pioneer in machine learning in biology, Owkin has secured over $300 million in funding and achieved unicorn status through investments from leading biopharma companies and venture funds.

    • Services: artificial intelligence, omics technology, oncology, drug discovery, medical research, biomedical images, real-world data, real-world evidence, radiology, clinical data, federated learning, covariate adjustment, clinical tools, digital pathology, healthcare, diagnostic solutions, biomarkers, precision medicine, and data science
    • Year of Establishment - 2016
    • Headquarters- New York, Boston, London, Cite, Paris, Nantes
    • No. of Employees- 200- 500

  21. EasyMile
  22. EasyMile is among the best AI/ML development companies in France, they pioneer software and comprehensive solutions for driverless mobility and goods transportation, collaborating with leading manufacturers to equip their vehicles with award-winning technology focused on safety and client benefits. With a track record dating back to 2014, EasyMile's proven technology has autonomously driven in over 30 countries, covering more than 1,000,000 kilometers. Its EZTow tow-truck solution optimizes supply chains, while the EZ10 people mover connects transport in private and public spaces, filling gaps in service provision. Recently, EasyMile introduced the EZTug autonomous port terminal tractor for horizontal container transport. Leading the market with 10 deployments worldwide at Level 4 of autonomous driving, EasyMile specializes in robotics, computer vision, and vehicle dynamics, partnering with global suppliers.

    • Services: Driverless vehicles, Autonomous vehicles, Shared Driverless Transportation, Electric Driverless Shuttle, Industry 4.0, Logistics, Heavy Goods Vehicle, Airport, Industry, Software, Artificial Intelligence, Smart Mobility, Innovation, EZ10, TractEasy, Private Sites, Public Transports, Tech, EasyMile, Robotics, Computer Vision, and Deep Learning
    • Year of Establishment - 2014
    • Headquarters- Toulouse, Denver, Berline
    • No. of Employees- 201-500

  23. Akur8
  24. AKUR8 is one of the best AI/ML development companies in France, a leading provider of end-to-end actuarial pricing software, and offers immense value to P&C and health insurers seeking to revolutionize their pricing strategies. With our innovative solution, insurers can unlock untapped combined ratio improvement potential, driven by our proprietary Transparent AI and machine learning automation. By harnessing cutting-edge technology, AKUR8 empowers insurers to embrace the pricing revolution and achieve significant value for their organizations.

    • Services: pricing, insurance, AI, machine learning, GLM, actuary, data science, SaaS, P&C, and insurtech
    • Year of Establishment - 2018
    • Headquarters- Paris
    • No. of Employees- 51-200

  25. MWM
  26. MWM is the best AI/ML development company in France, it isn't just another app developer; we're in the business of unlocking potential. As France's premier app publisher, we navigate the app universe, constantly pushing boundaries and defying norms. Since our inception in 2012, we've curated a diverse portfolio of over 50 apps, amassing a staggering 600 million downloads worldwide. From acclaimed titles like Edjing Mix and Beat Maker Pro to innovative AI-powered creations like Color Pop and Stemz, we take pride in crafting tools that resonate with users globally.

    • Services: Software, hardware, engineering, mobile, apps, mobile apps, AI, Creative apps, DJ software, and Music
    • Year of Establishment - 2012
    • Headquarters- Hybrid
    • No. of Employees- 51-200

  27. SESAMm
  28. SESAMm empowers companies to glean essential insights from the vast expanse of the internet using cutting-edge AI technology. Leveraging natural language processing, they analyze over 20 billion articles and messages to deliver ESG, sentiment, and thematic analytics. their clientele includes prominent private equity firms, asset managers, index providers, and global corporations. By harnessing the power of AI, SESAMm equips businesses with the tools they need to make informed decisions and stay ahead in today's dynamic market landscape.

    • Services: Stock Market Analysis, Big Data, Finance, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Quantitative Analytics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Emotion Analysis, Innovation, Fintech, Alternative Data, Deep Reinforcement Learning, Analytics, Dashboards, Private Equity, ESG, Data Science, and Analytics
    • Year of Establishment - 2014
    • Headquarters- New York, Paris, Tunis, Metz, Paris, Londres
    • No. of Employees- 51-200

  29. METRON Energy
  30. METRON is the best AI development company in France, a French CleanTech specializing in energy, offering digital solutions to clients across industry, tertiary sectors, and public markets. METRON aids in managing and optimizing energy, facilitating reductions in consumption, costs, and carbon impact. By accelerating the path to sustainability, efficiency, and productivity, METRON supports companies throughout their energy journey. The unique digital platform securely collects data from industrial systems, enabling visualization, measurement, and generation of accurate reports on energy consumption. Clients can improve energy purchases and costs, identify optimization points, and detect early drifts. Leveraging AI algorithms, real-time optimizations for complex assets are achievable, while tracking carbon footprints and adapting sustainability strategies remains streamlined.

    • Services: Big Data, Industry 4.0, Energy Management System, Energy costs, Carbon Impact, Energy efficiency, AI, Optimization of energy purchases, Energy modelization, and Energy Monitoring
    • Year of Establishment - 2013
    • Headquarters- Paris, Milan, Jungu, Tokyo, Sao Pulao, Bogota
    • No. of Employees- 51-200

  31. Nabla Copilot
  32. Nabla is the Top AI development company in France, they are the developer behind Nabla Copilot, which introduces the fastest autonomous clinical AI scribe designed to revolutionize the clinician experience and enhance patient care. With AI-powered technology, Nabla Copilot swiftly generates clinical notes within seconds for any encounter across all specialties. This innovative solution alleviates practitioners' stress while optimizing patient care delivery.

    • Services: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, healthcare, software, research, Healthtech, and Generative AI
    • Year of Establishment - 2016
    • Headquarters- Paris, West End
    • No. of Employees- 11-50

  33. Lingua Custodia
  34. Lingua Custodia is the top AI development company in France, it stands as a leading Fintech company specializing in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Language Technologies for Finance. Established in 2011 by finance professionals, the company initially focused on offering specialized machine translation services. Over time, it evolved into a specialist in Generative AI, with numerous publications in this field. Leveraging its advanced NLP expertise, Lingua Custodia now provides a growing array of applications, including Speech-to-Text automation, Document classification, Linguistic data extraction from unstructured documents, and Mass web crawling and data collection. The company achieves superior quality through highly domain-focused machine learning algorithms. Its cutting-edge technology has garnered recognition from both the industry and clients, including investment houses, custody or investment banks, private banks, financial divisions within major corporations, and service providers for financial institutions.

    • Services: Machine Translation, Translation memories management, Financial Translations, Artificial intelligence, neural networks, machine learning, Natural Language Processing, Finance, Technology, FINTECH, Deep learning, Research, NLP, saas, large language models, and generative AI
    • Year of Establishment - 2011
    • Headquarters- Paris, Luxembourg
    • No. of Employees- 11-50

  35. AZmed
  36. AZmed is among the best AI development companies in France. They stand as the pioneering French company to introduce AI-driven radiology software. With a doubling of medical imaging procedures over the past decade in OECD countries and stagnant specialist numbers, AZmed's AI-powered solutions streamline trauma and chest X-ray diagnostics. By seamlessly integrating deep learning technologies into doctors' routines, AZmed empowers medical professionals worldwide, optimizing workflows and saving crucial time for life-threatening examinations. With over 1000 healthcare institutions across 40 countries and 5 continents already utilizing AZmed's solutions, more than 9000 doctors benefit daily, without any disruption to their established practices.

    • Services: Healthcare, Deep Learning, Medical Imaging, and intelligence artificielle
    • Year of Establishment - 2018
    • Headquarters- Paris
    • No. of Employees- 51-200

  37. Lili.ai
  38. Lili is one of the top AI development companies in France, the groundbreaking Virtual Assistant powered by Artificial Intelligence and specialized in Project Management, is revolutionizing how organizations approach their projects. With Project Management generating terabytes of data that often get archived, Lili's mission is to reinvent this process using machine learning. Offering three distinct products, Lili extracts timelines and risk maps for past projects, provides advanced workflow platforms and relationship documentation for current projects, and offers real-time assistance based on insights from both past and present projects. By deciphering complex data patterns and offering tailored solutions, Lili empowers organizations to optimize project efficiency and stay ahead in today's competitive landscape.

    • Services: Intelligence artifcielle, TAL, REST API, Django/Python, React natif, and SAAS
    • Year of Establishment - 2016
    • Headquarters- Paris, Ecole polytechnique
    • No. of Employees- 11-50

  39. Yseop
  40. Yseop, the forefront innovator in Generative AI tailored for regulated industries, is reshaping the landscape of content automation solutions with its human-centric AI platform. With a focus on accelerating the delivery of critical medical information, Yseop is revolutionizing scientific writing to expedite access to essential medicines. Leveraging a suite of industry-specific applications and state-of-the-art hybrid Natural Language Generation (NLG) technology, Yseop seamlessly integrates symbolic, machine learning, and LLM techniques to meet the most rigorous content automation demands with unparalleled ease, scalability, and enterprise-grade security.

    • Services: artificial intelligence, natural language generation, sales performance, automated reporting, lead generation, big data, business analytics, sales productivity, business intelligence, data analytics, Self-service BI, Report Generation, Reporting, NLG, AI, virtual assistant, and generative AI
    • Year of Establishment - 2007
    • Headquarters- New York
    • No. of Employees- 51-200

  41. Myscript
  42. MyScript is one of the top AI/ML development companies in France, the global leader in real-time handwriting recognition across various content types including text, math, shapes, and music, and is reshaping human-machine interaction through neural network-powered technology. Their groundbreaking innovation, MyScript Interactive Ink (iink), transcends handwriting interpretation by revolutionizing digital content creation and management with intuitive interaction capabilities. Illustrated through their flagship application, Nebo, MyScript demonstrates the immense potential of iink in enhancing productivity. Deployed across key markets such as Mobility, Automotive, Education, and Enterprise, MyScript technology and products are indispensable wherever natural input is paramount.

    • Services: Handwriting Recognition Technology, Digital Ink management, Human Machine Interface (HMI) solutions, Interactive Ink, Note taking app, Productivity, iink, digital ink, digital writing, Nebo, Artificial Intelligence, AI, HMI, Human Machine Interfaces, Automotive, EdTech, FrenchTech, NantesTech, Paperless, Handwriting recognition, and Writing
    • Year of Establishment - 1998
    • Headquarters- Nantes, Dayton, Rueil, Seoul, Tokyo
    • No. of Employees- 51-200

  43. HrFlow
  44. HrFlow is among the best AI development companies in France, ai pioneers the 1st AI Studio dedicated to Talent & Workforce Data, revolutionizing data management with its Unify, Activate, Automate approach. As the premier multi-layer AI-powered API, HrFlow.ai empowers organizations to infuse intelligence into their HR data, seamlessly bridging the gap between diverse data sources and destinations. Furthermore, HrFlow.ai aids vendors and corporates in navigating GDPR compliance, privacy regulations, and algorithmic consent constraints, ensuring adherence to fairness requirements with its pre-built features.

    • Services: Machine Learning, Natural Language processing, Artificial intelligence, Human Resources, Talent acquisition, and Deep Learning
    • Year of Establishment - 2016
    • Headquarters- Paris, San Francisco
    • No. of Employees- 11-50

  45. Yumain
  46. Yumain is one of the best AI development companies in France, they started as GlobalSensing Technologies, the company swiftly emerged as a global leader in vision solutions powered by artificial intelligence, specializing in real-time signal processing and embedded electronics. In 2019, the company rebranded as Yumain, solidifying its commitment to innovation and excellence. Yumain pioneers smart recognition solutions and industrial cameras that seamlessly integrate artificial intelligence and edge computing, tailored for inspecting and monitoring sites with precision. With integrated AI enhancing productivity and enabling real-time processing of fault or tri-object detection signals, Yumain's smart camera architecture stands at the forefront of technological advancement. At the heart of Yumain's success lies its dedication to innovation, with proprietary algorithms and a team of skilled engineers poised to tackle challenges and cater to emerging market needs, delivering unparalleled value to clients worldwide.

    • Services: Signal processing in electronics, Embedded computing, Artificial intelligence, and Edge computing
    • Year of Establishment - 2011
    • Headquarters- France
    • No. of Employees- 2-11

  47. APREX Solutions
  48. APREX Solutions: specialized in Industrial Vision and Image Analysis. Our solutions address the needs of quality control and process inspection for Industry 4.0 through image-based methods: defect detection, color and appearance inspection, dimensional measurement, part sorting, classification, logistics, robotic assembly and palletization guidance, DATAMATRIX / QR Code / OCR reading, production security, traceability... - A robust, efficient, and scalable computer vision solution built on over 10 years of R&D, incorporating 2D/3D vision and artificial intelligence (AI) into a user-friendly interface accessible to all. - A pragmatic and comprehensive approach, from requirements definition to implementation.

    • Services: Vision, logiciel, software, Industrie 4.0, analyse vidéo, video analysis, production industrielle, industrial processes, département R&D, R&D departement, recherche, research, Machine vision, Image processing, Contrôle qualité, Contrôle procédé de fabrication, Contrôle environnement de production, IA, Vision software, Solutions de vision industrielle, Computer vision, Intelligence artificielle, and Deep learning
    • Year of Establishment - 2017
    • Headquarters- France
    • No. of Employees- 11-50

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