13 Best AI/ML Development Companies in the Hong Kong in 2024


Ready to revolutionize your business with AI? Let our curated list of Best AI/ML developers be your guide. These experts in machine learning (ML) will optimize your workflows, natural language processing will unlock smarter customer interactions, and computer vision will give you unprecedented insights. Plus, their expertise in custom AI app development ensures your unique challenges are met. Browse our list, find your perfect match, and unleash the power of AI today!

  1. Oursky
  2. OurSky is one of the best AI Development service providers in Hong Kong, With a passionate team of over 60 individuals, OurSky has been a driving force in digital product development for the past 12 years. Embracing the words of Linus Torvalds, they view programming as not just a job but a source of joy. Specializing in Java programming, they believe in the importance of great User Experience (UX) and approach it meticulously through thorough research and metrics analysis. Their dedication to coding beautifully reflects the quality of the digital products and experiences we create.

    At OurSky, they leverage a data-driven approach for analytics, determining the most effective product features and designs for optimal user engagement and conversion. With 50+ clients and partners worldwide, a team of 40+ talented designers, developers, and QA engineers, and offices in Hong Kong, Taiwan, the UK, and Tokyo, OurSky is committed to delivering excellence in Mobile App Development, Web App Development, UI/UX and Digital Product Design, Machine Learning Solutions (Skylab.ai), and Microservices and Containerization. Notably, their international presence is complemented by the inclusion of 6 feline team members, adding a touch of charm to their workspaces.

  3. Dighead Pro
  4. Dighead Pro Ltd. is the best AI Development company in Hong Kong, it is a tech-driven company located at the core of Hong Kong SAR, where we fuse creativity, technology, and an insatiable curiosity for pioneering solutions. Their flagship project, Chosen App, redefines the online shopping experience, moving beyond price comparisons to focus on discovering and sharing items that authentically impress. With their global reach extending to

    Their B2B2C online marketplace transcends the conventional focus on price comparisons, offering a new era of online shopping where the emphasis is on discovering and sharing items that genuinely impress. Rooted in the intersection of lifestyle and technology, Chosen represents a paradigm shift, creating meaningful and delightful experiences for users. With its global presence extending to Thailand, Dighead Pro Ltd. continues to shape the future of tech-enabled solutions with an unwavering dedication to innovation.

  5. Cherrypicks
  6. Cherrypicks is among the best AI Development service providers in Hong Kong, a pioneering force in business transformation through cutting-edge mobile solutions and it was established in 1999. With a commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering world-class experiences, their expertise spans various sectors, including Enterprise Blockchain, PropTech, FinTech, and HealthTech. Notable solutions like INSTORE, ARwiz, edxtore, Zeelo, and the award-winning LeaveHomeSafe app showcase their dedication to innovation. Headquartered in Hong Kong, Cherrypicks operates globally with a significant presence in China and Indonesia.

    Awards and Recognition: A Testament to Excellence
    Cherrypicks' relentless pursuit of excellence has garnered significant recognition. The prestigious Huawei Developer Day APAC honored the LeaveHomeSafe app with the Best Public Health Partner award in 2022. Jaarbeurs Live app received the 2022 UFI Digital Innovation Award, and Cherrypicks was proudly awarded the HKSAR 25th Anniversary Enterprise Outstanding Contribution Award in 2022. These accolades, along with numerous others, underscore Cherrypicks' commitment to delivering innovative solutions that make a substantial impact. From being recognized by IAB HK Committee Picks for Best Use of Mobile Online Campaign to winning the Red Dot Award and Microsoft Hong Kong Top Innovative Partner Award, Cherrypicks continues to set new standards in the tech industry.

  7. AskGalore
  8. AskGalore is one of the best AI Development companies in Hong Kong, it is a dynamic IT services company that stands at the forefront of technological innovation, specializing in Blockchain Development and Artificial Intelligence solutions. AskGalore has made its presence in the Netherlands, the USA, and India. With a robust portfolio encompassing Enterprise Software Development, Mobile App Development, SEO, and Performance Marketing, AskGalore is committed to delivering end-to-end solutions to meet the diverse needs of its clients.Hire AI developers who are committed to pushing the boundaries of technology and delivering most advance solutions for your business needs.

  9. Bamboo Technologies
  10. Bamboo Technologies, is among the best AI Development companies in Hong Kong, headquartered in Hong Kong, and is an entrepreneur in AI/Machine Learning, driving businesses toward a smarter future. Specializing in Digital Transformation and Business Process Automation using Microsoft Power Platform, Bamboo collaborates with global leaders like Allianz and Procter & Gamble. With a unique design company under its umbrella, Bamboo offers comprehensive design services. As a premium software technology services company, Bamboo focuses on Logistics, Insurance, and Retail/Consumer Goods, creating immediate and long-term value for its clients. Recognized for its excellence, Bamboo is the first company in China to achieve a CMMI Level 5 certification, setting global standards for quality. With a people-centric approach and offices in Guangzhou, Beijing, and Shanghai, and affiliates in the United States and Singapore, Bamboo is dedicated to shaping the future of technology solutions worldwide.

  11. Allua Tech
  12. Allua is one of the best AI/ML development companies in Hong Kong, a leading full-service digital marketing agency, that excels in Animation & Video Production, Digital Marketing & Online Solutions, delivering outstanding results for over 300 ambitious brands across 20 countries. Specializing not only in conventional marketing but also in animation production, video production, and software development, Allua offers comprehensive solutions for your brand's digital journey.

    From captivating Animation & Video Production to strategic Digital Marketing & Online Solutions, Allua's services extend to Informative Website Development, eCommerce Website Development, App Development, Software Development, Business Solutions, and Cyber Security. With a headquarters in Hong Kong and additional operations in Taiwan, Shenzhen, and Singapore, Allua strategically positions itself to serve clients globally.

  13. Bluechip Technologies Asia
  14. BlueChip Technologies is one of the best AI/ML Development service providers in Hong Kong, comprising a dynamic team of 50 young, talented, and hardworking individuals, BlueChip Technologies Asia is on a relentless mission to simplify lives through the transformative power of AI. Inspired by Arthur C. Clarke's belief that advanced technology can be akin to magic, the team strives to create awe-inspiring solutions that leave clients in sheer amazement.

    Specializing in AI and Machine Learning Development, 3D and Games, Graphic Design, Cloud, Analytics, and Blockchain, BlueChip Technologies Asia operates globally with a presence in Hong Kong, the UK, the USA, Sri Lanka, and Singapore. The company was founded with a clear vision: to leverage artificial intelligence for solving intricate problems, optimizing operations, and enriching human experiences across various sectors.

  15. Sirden Asia
  16. Sirden Asia, is one of the best AI Development companies in Hong Kong, At Sirden Asia their decade-long journey in providing innovative IT solutions speaks volumes about their commitment to excellence. With a stellar track record boasting 100% customer satisfaction, they stand as a reliable partner for businesses seeking seamless operations through their comprehensive 360° IT solutions. At the forefront of technological advancements, they leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) to transform industries and drive impactful change.

    The recent strides in AI technology have propelled them to the forefront of industry leaders, offering unprecedented capabilities that redefine decision-making, automate processes, and personalize experiences. From healthcare and finance to manufacturing and retail, their AI applications cater to specific industry needs, fostering efficiency and innovation.

    Sirden Asia revolutionizes diverse industries with efficient AI solutions. In healthcare, AI enhances patient care with streamlined diagnostics and early disease detection. For finance, Sirden Asia optimizes trading, detects fraud, and offers personalized financial recommendations. In manufacturing, their AI-driven automation boosts production efficiency, predicts failures, and optimizes operations. In retail, AI-powered chatbots and recommendation engines elevate customer experiences.

  17. Integrated Global Solution Limited
  18. Integrated Global Solutions Limited is the Top AI/ML Development company in Hong Kong, which is Founded in 2007 in Hong Kong, Integrated Global Solutions Limited (IGS) boasts over ten years of experience as a leading IT solutions provider. IGS is headquartered in Hong Kong, with a strong presence in Macau and mainland China. Specializing in IT Service Management (ITSM), infrastructure management, applications development, and open-source technologies, IGS has witnessed substantial growth, catering to a diverse clientele across industries such as banking, finance, education, government, transportation, telecommunication, gaming/entertainment, and resorts. Dedicated to aligning technology with business goals, IGS is committed to delivering top-tier IT support and solutions. Actively engaged in the IT community, IGS is a board member of the IT Service Management Forum (itSMF) and collaborates with renowned open-source vendors to promote the use of open-source technologies in the region.

  19. Augurs Technologies
  20. Augurs Technologies is the best AI service provider in Hong Kong, they have earned its stripes with a remarkable track record of 500+ successful deals, showcasing its prowess as a leader in the digital solutions landscape. With an impressive eight-year journey in the industry, Augurs Technologies stands as a complete digital agency, offering a spectrum of services that include app development, web development, software consulting, and much more.

    Operating on a global scale, Augurs Technologies has established a significant presence in Germany, Ecuador, India, and Hong Kong, symbolizing its commitment to driving digital excellence across borders. The company's comprehensive range of services spans app and web development, software consulting, digital marketing, and other cutting-edge technologies.

  21. Creole Studios
  22. Creole Studios, among the best AI/ML Development companies in Hong Kong, a leading digital agency, is at the forefront of innovation, specializing in delivering cutting-edge solutions driven by ChatGPT from OpenAI. Their proficiency spans Generative AI, AI/ML, Web App Development, Mobile App Development, and Cloud App Development. With a commitment to revolutionizing automation, deepening customer insights, and enhancing decision-making processes, Creole Studios stands out in the digital landscape.

    Boasting a remarkable 75% client repeat rate and over 500 projects delivered, Creole Studios is best known for crafting tailor-made digital solutions and providing resource augmentation services. The team of over 75 professionals is dedicated to realizing business visions and creating lasting value. Their unique approach includes agile, scrum, and waterfall methodologies, ensuring each project receives a customized strategy for success.

  23. Groove Technology
  24. Groove Technology is the best AI Development company in Hong Kong, it stands at the forefront of technological innovation, committed to elevating businesses through its exceptional services. As a leading software outsource/outstaff provider, Groove Technology boasts an impressive team of over 250 professionals, ensuring a remarkable 94% customer retention rate and an outstanding 96% employee satisfaction rate. The company's core competencies encompass a range of crucial areas, including, IOT Development, DevOps Services, UI/UX Design, Business Analysis, and Project Management.

  25. Logic Spark
  26. Logic Spark is one of the best AI/ML Development agencies working in Hong Kong, Headquartered in Thailand, it is also in Hong Kong and Singapore. It is committed to delivering digital solutions that drive excellence and innovation. Their focus on web and mobile development, AI solutions, and valuable datasets underscores their dedication to transforming businesses in the digital age. Logic Spark's digital presence specializing in web development, empowers startups, SMEs, and enterprises to showcase their capabilities through unique and responsive online platforms, fostering seamless two-way communication with clients.

    In the realm of mobile development, Logic Spark capitalizes on the widespread adoption of smartphones, expanding businesses to Android and iOS platforms. Their mobile solutions are carefully crafted to ensure optimal user experiences, driving engagement and accessibility across diverse devices.
    As pioneers in AI development, Logic Spark brings cutting-edge solutions to leverage the power of big data, optimizing revenue generation and reducing costs. Whether implementing innovative AI solutions or enhancing existing processes, they employ the right AI models to deliver tangible business outcomes.


    In conclusion, Hong Kong stands at the forefront of a dynamic era driven by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). The current trends illustrate a landscape where innovation knows no bounds, with companies like Groove Technology, Logic Spark Co., Ltd., and AskGalore spearheading transformative initiatives.

    As we try to find out the data-driven decision-making, personalized customer experiences, and smart automation, it becomes evident that the synergy between human imagination and technological prowess is reshaping industries. The collaborative efforts of leading companies, each with a unique vision and approach, contribute to the vibrant AI/ML ecosystem in Hong Kong.

    Looking forward, the future predictions highlight the immense potential of AI/ML in healthcare, finance, and diverse applications across sectors. The foresight of companies like BlueChip Technologies Asia, Chosen App, and Creole Studios underscores the continuous evolution of AI/ML technologies, promising advancements that will redefine how we live, work, and interact.

    Hong Kong is becoming a global hub for businesses to use AI/ML solutions and discover amazing opportunities. The strong partnerships, smart ideas, and advanced tools these companies use to show that Hong Kong is committed to being a leader in AI/ML. Businesses are using AI/ML to make things better and find new opportunities in Hong Kong. The AI landscape in Hong Kong is always changing and ready for an exciting future with lots of new technology.

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