TOP 10 AI Development companies in Sweden in 2024

Curious about the top AI development companies in Sweden this year? As technology advances, Sweden emerges as a key player in AI innovation. In this blog post, we'll explore the leading companies driving this progress. Whether you're a business owner looking to implement AI or simply interested in staying updated, this guide is for you.

Discover how these companies are using AI to improve various sectors, from healthcare to transportation. By the end, you'll have a clear picture of Sweden's AI landscape and valuable insights into future trends. Join us as we uncover the practical applications and potential of AI development in Sweden.

  1. ManoMotion
  2. Manomotion is one of the best AI development companies in Stockholm, Sweden, a hand/body tracking and gesture recognition technology that enables users to seamlessly interact with virtual and real objects using any camera-enabled device. The absence of controllers and sensors simplifies the user experience, requiring only the visibility of their body, hands, or gestures. This approach fosters immediate, intuitive, and touch-free interaction across various domains including home, mobile, industrial, automotive interfaces, and augmented reality applications. The technology's adaptability allows for seamless integration into existing hardware setups and ensures compatibility across diverse industries and use cases.

    Services- 3D, Camera sensor, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Hand Interaction, AI, Machine learning Gesture Analysis, Depth Sensor, iOS, Android, Unity, and Mobile
    No. of employees- 11 - 50
    Headquarters- Stockholm, Sweden
    Established in-2015

  3. Softwerk AB
  4. Softwerk is among the best AI development companies in Vaxjo Sweden, a software development company headquartered in the southern Swedish city of Växjö, often likened to its own miniature Silicon Valley, was established by two individuals who were formerly affiliated with the Department of Computer Science at Linnaeus University in 2008. Over the years, it has expanded its team to encompass more than 30 individuals deeply dedicated to the craft of coding. With roots firmly planted in both academia and the commercial sector, Softwerk consistently pioneers scientific and technological advancements in its software solutions. This commitment to innovation enables the company to deliver the most cutting-edge and valuable products available in the market.

    Services- Java, Objective C, C/C++, C#, Linux/Unix, Apache, Tomcat, Postgres, MySQL, Client-Server, Web applications, AI, Mobile Applications (iPhone/iPad, Android, Windows), Quality Assurance of Software and Technical Documentation, Compiler construction, and Penetration Testing
    No. of employees- 11 - 50
    Headquarters- Växjö, Sweden
    Established in-2008

  6. is one of the best AI development companies in Stockholm Sweden, they envision a world where queues, keypad navigation, and delays are a thing of the past, replaced instead by instant and seamless service. With pride, we revolutionize the customer experience for millions of consumers globally, facilitating millions of interactions daily across our extensive enterprise client network. Our innovative approach involves replacing traditional phone keypad-based menus with friendly, concise, and contextually aware full sentences through our Open Question solution. Powered by our acclaimed SaaS platform Teneo, which spans 86 languages and dialects, our solution seamlessly integrates with call center and contact center systems., Teneo, and Open Question are registered trademarks of Artificial Solutions.

    Services- 3D, Camera sensor, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Hand Interaction, AI, Machine learning Gesture Analysis, Machine Learning, Depth Sensor, iOS, Android, Unity, and Mobile.
    No. of employees- 51 - 200
    Headquarters- Stockholm, Sweden
    Established in-

  7. AI Sweden
  8. AI Sweden stands as the national center for applied AI, uniting over 120 partners from diverse sectors including the public, private, and academic realms. Financed jointly by the Swedish state and a consortium of partners, our collaborative efforts aim to cultivate tools and resources that accelerate AI adoption, bolstering Sweden's welfare and competitiveness while enhancing residents' quality of life. Through strategic projects of national significance, conducted in collaboration with partners, exploration spans key areas such as information-driven healthcare, decentralized AI, edge learning, and language models tailored for the Swedish language.

    Services- ML and Artificial Intelligence
    No. of employees- 51 - 200
    Headquarters- Göteborg, Sweden
    Established in-2003

  9. AskGalore
  10. AskGalore is a leading AI development company located in Mumbai, India. The company specializes in AI and Blockchain development and is committed to delivering high-quality products and services. They focus on Machine Learning, Data Science, and Blockchain development and have extensive experience in areas such as DeFi, FinTech, ESG, and SaaS product development. AskGalore understands that each client has unique needs and strives to offer innovative solutions tailored to their specific requirements. In addition, the company excels in growth marketing and leverages SEO expertise and performance marketing strategies to drive success for their clients. AskGalore is dedicated to continuous value creation through cutting-edge solutions and contemporary approaches, ensuring their clients achieve the best possible results. Hire AI developers who are committed to pushing the boundaries of technology and delivering the most advanced solutions for your business needs.

    Services- MERN Stack Development, Custom Enterprise Software, Blockchain Solutions, Search Engine Optimisation, Digital Marketing, Performance Marketing, Ethereum, Smart Contract Development, Polygon, Solana, Solidity, Hyperledger Fabric, DApps, AI Development, NLP, and Computer Vision
    No. of employees- 11 - 50
    Headquarters- Bhopal, India
    Established in-2018

  11. FixedIT Consulting AB
  12. FixedIT Consulting AB is one of the best AI/ML development companies in Sweden, headquartered in Lund, Sweden, and operates from the vibrant IDEON Science Park startup incubator. Situated in close proximity to the Axis Communications HQ, our global presence enables us to collaborate with companies worldwide, aiming to enhance the intelligence of your cameras and facilitate your business growth.

    Services- AI Development, Other Application Development, BI & Big Data Consulting & SI, Business Consulting, Corporate Training & Coaching, IoT Development
    No. of employees- Freelancers work
    Headquarters- Operating Remotely From Sweden
    Established in-2021

  13. Unikie
  14. Unikie is among the best AI development companies in Sewden, a software engineering and innovation company, that operates at the forefront of infusing intelligence into machines, vehicles, and industrial solutions. Specializing in enabling clients to attain leadership within their industries, Unikie ensures success in navigating the evolving digital landscape of tomorrow. Focused on constructing a safer, more efficient, and intelligent world, Unikie provides automated marshaling solutions and software engineering services driven by a genuine love and passion for the craft.

    Services- Software Development, Embedded Software, Industrial Internet, Financial software solutions, Automotive, Lidar, Pointcloud, Web Development, and Data analysis.
    No. of employees- 501-1000
    Headquarters- Wroclaw, Oulu, Tartu, Munchin, Coral Spring, Madar City
    Established in-2015

  15. Nytt IQ
  16. Nytt IQ is one of the Top AI/ML Development companies in Sweden, a data-driven platform offered for manufacturing companies aiming to enhance flexibility in decision-making processes. Through the platform, real-time data is collected from machines, operators, and critical sources on the shop floor, providing relevant information to support data-backed decisions. Additionally, historical data analysis identifies recurring patterns and anomalies in equipment performance, aiding proactive maintenance and downtime prevention. Various data-collection strategies, such as smartphones, sensors, and standard machine protocols, deliver comprehensive insights into factory operations, empowering companies to adapt to rapid changes and make informed decisions for increased profitability.

    Services- Smart manufacturing, Data analytics, Production engineering, Manufacturing, Lean manufacturing, 5S, ERP, Production planning, Quality control, Decision-making, Data-science, ERP integration, Planning and control, Utilization, Maintenance, Industry 4.0, AI, Machine learning, Strategy, and Operations.
    No. of employees- 11-50
    Headquarters- Stockholm, Sweden
    Established in-2018

  17. Meta Bytes
  18. Meta Bytes is one of the best AI development companies in Sweden, they specialize in aiding companies with digitalization, process optimization, and automation through software development, cloud infrastructure, and machine learning/AI, leading to newfound insights, substantial cost reductions, and enhanced customer experiences. The company provides both standalone products/services and comprehensive end-to-end solutions encompassing strategy development, analysis, planning, implementation, and ongoing operations and support.

    Services- Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Software Development, Big Data, Power Bi, Python, Golang, SQL, Mongodb, Elastic Search, Docker, Microservices, Technical Strategy Consultants, PhP, Automation, Ci/cd, Project Management, Rpa.
    No. of employees- 11-50
    Headquarters- Laholm, Vancuver
    Established in-2016

  19. Waverley Software
  20. Waverley, a nearshore software engineering company, maintains offices in the US, Australia, Latin America, and Eastern Europe. Dedicated development teams within the company construct award-winning software products for a wide array of clients, ranging from renowned tech giants to innovative startups across industries such as Robotics, Smart Homes, FinTech, and Healthcare. The overarching goal is to create products that inspire, spark ideas, offer genuine solutions to global issues, and positively impact people's lives. Expertise lies in software architecture, AI & Machine Learning, IoT & Robotics products, DevOps & Cloud, mobile/web apps, enterprise software, UI/UX Design, and software testing.

    Services- Mobile App Development, Web Application Development, Embedded Systems, Data Science, Blockchain, Cloud Infrastructure, Software Engineering, Quality Assurance, Custom Software Development, Enterprise Software, IoT, Cybersecurity, DevOps, Cloud Solutions, and UI/UX design
    No. of employees- 201-500
    Headquarters- Palo, Ukraine, London, Cluj
    Established in-1992

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