TOP 14 AI/ML Development Companies in Denmark in 2024


In today's rapidly growing technological era, the role of artificial intelligence (AI) development companies cannot be overstated. These companies are at the leading innovation, driving significant advancements across various industries globally. Denmark, known for its progressive approach to technology and innovation, has emerged as a hub for the best AI development and machine learning expertise.

AI means making machines like computers act smart, almost like humans. Machine learning, a part of AI, lets these machines learn from data and get better at what they do without needing to be told exactly how to do it. These technologies have become integral to businesses seeking to optimize processes, enhance decision-making, and deliver personalized experiences.

AI is revolutionizing industries by automating tasks, uncovering insights from data, and enabling predictive analytics. Industries such as healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and retail are witnessing transformative changes driven by AI applications. From streamlining operations to enhancing customer experiences, the potential of AI is vast and far-reaching. Denmark's vibrant technological ecosystem and supportive business environment have raised the growth of leading AI development companies. With a focus on innovation and collaboration, Danish companies leverage cutting-edge technologies to address complex challenges and drive competitive advantage in the global market.

  1. Abzu AI
  2. Abzu is one of the best AI development companies in Denmark, situated in Barcelona, Spain, or Copenhagen, Denmark founded in 2018, Abzu has quickly become a frontrunner in the field of silico RNA Tx, boasting a reputation as the premier choice in the industry. Central to methodology is their proprietary explainable AI, which serves as the operations. Coupled with their extensive expertise in RNA Tx, they accelerate the development of groundbreaking pharmaceuticals. The term "Abzu" originates from Ancient Sumerian culture, symbolizing "subterranean water" with profound religious meanings of being "the source of everything." Their best team comprises diverse talents, including leading AI researchers and scientists, hailing from 8 different nationalities, and operating across 2 global offices. Notably, they host 6 PhDs within their ranks, with women constituting 45% of their workforce, significantly surpassing the global average in STEM fields by 21 points. Certified with ISO 27001 for trustworthy AI, Abzu is famous for its award-winning innovations in AI and RNA therapeutics.

    Recognized for their commitment to ethical AI and data safety, they have garnered prestigious awards and accolades, including the desired title of "Cool Vendor" by Gartner and the distinction of being a member of the Ethical AI database. Their accomplishments also include being named an EIC Accelerator Grant winner and receiving the "Best HealthTech" award in the Nordics for 2023. Additionally, Abzu has been nominated for "Best AI Startup" and secured victories in both the "Synthetic Track" and "Real-world Track" categories.

  3. Cloudify
  4. Cloudify is the best AI development company in Denmark, headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, is a leading business process consultancy specializing in digital analysis, cloud-based system implementation, and business process automation. Since its establishment in 2016, Cloudify has been committed to enhancing productivity and modernizing businesses through streamlined processes and digital transformation.

    With a comprehensive approach, Cloudify stands out by offering end-to-end best solutions that address the entirety of a business's operations. By leveraging vast expertise, Cloudify provides personalized strategies and implementations, ranging from simple cloud-based systems to complex digitization projects. Cloudify's core vision revolves around optimizing the customer journey and maximizing operational efficiency. Unlike traditional approaches that focus solely on individual divisions, Cloudify's solutions are designed to optimize the entire business ecosystem. Through digital analysis, precise implementation strategies, and effective automation techniques, Cloudify empowers organizations to achieve sustainable growth and competitive advantage in today's dynamic marketplace.

  5. Halfspace
  6. Halfspace is a dynamic and multi-award-winning data, advanced analytics, and leading AI company based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and established in 2022. With roots stemming from prestigious institutions like Stanford, Oxford, Imperial, Caltech, and CERN, Halfspace represents a data-driven philosophy at its core. Comprised of a diverse and best team of physicists, engineers, computer scientists, and designers, Halfspace excels in connecting and refining data to drive business growth for its partners. Leveraging applied advanced analytics and best AI technologies, Halfspace assists bold and ambitious clients in creating long-term value and achieving their growth objectives.

    At Halfspace, their track record speaks volumes: they have successfully delivered over 100 data, advanced analytics, and AI projects, driven by a top team of over 50 specialized employees. Their commitment to excellence has been recognized through numerous accolades, including the prestigious Gazelle Award in 2021, 2022, and 2023. Additionally, they have been honored with awards such as 'Return on Investment' (ROI) at the Danish Digital Awards (DDA), 'Data Science' awards at the Danish Digital Awards, and commendations from the UK AI & Machine Learning Awards. Notably, Halfspace was named the Best AI Consultancy by the Global AI Industry Award in 2021 and recognized as a 2021 Industry Leader by the Data Breakthrough Awards.

  7. AskGalore
  8. AskGalore is the best AI development company in Denmark, a dynamic IT services company that stands at the forefront of technological innovation, specializing in Blockchain Development and Artificial Intelligence solutions. AskGalore has made its presence in the Netherlands, the USA, and India. With a strong portfolio encompassing Enterprise Software Development, Mobile App Development, SEO, and Performance Marketing, AskGalore is committed to delivering end-to-end solutions to meet the diverse needs of its clients. Blockchain Development is Expertise in Smart Contract Development, NFT Marketplace, Development and NFT Development, DApps (Decentralized Applications) Development. Comprehensive solutions made for diverse industries such as Healthcare, Real Estate, Compliance, Fintech, Logistics, e-commerce, SaaS, Travel, Edtech, Cloud Kitchen, OMC, DeFi, ESG, NFT, and Supply Chain. Strategic and result-oriented marketing solutions to enhance online visibility and drive business growth.

    Extensive expertise in Banking, Credit Bureau, FinTech, DaaS, SaaS, Fraud Detection & Underwriting Software, Digital Marketing, Blockchain, Data Quality & Analytics, and Performance Marketing. They are dedicated to concentrating their efforts on advancing technologies such as Blockchain, AI/ML, RPA, AR/VR, Data Sciences, and Cybersecurity.

  9. Hooglz
  10. Established in 2018 in Denmark, Hooglz continues to lead the way in innovative digital marketing solutions. Hooglz is a dynamic digital agency dedicated to driving optimal growth and value for its clients. With a passionate team of top specialists in SEO, UX/CRO, neuromarketing, gamification, AI, and development, Hooglz offers agile and innovative solutions that keep clients ahead of the latest digital developments. With over 23 years of experience as an established marketing specialist, Hooglz has successfully served over 400 companies, including small startups and large international B2C and B2B organizations. The agency's track record boasts consistent results and strong partnerships with clients, ensuring online success and sustainable growth.

    Hooglz's team of top-qualified experts has helped hundreds of businesses achieve new heights, with a focus on transforming ordinary businesses into exceptional ones. Notable achievements include a 489.7% increase in organic traffic to Cruise Copenhagen in just 12 months, showcasing Hooglz's ability to deliver significant results even in challenging circumstances. Specializing in marketing services such as SEO, CRO, lectures, courses, and education, Hooglz is committed to helping clients achieve bigger profits, engage customers effectively, and strengthen their market position.

  11. Twistellar
  12. Twistellar, headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark, with a USA office, is a leading provider of business solutions and cloud consulting services. With a team of over 100 Salesforce and business experts, Twistellar offers a range of best services aimed at simplifying interfaces, data migration and processing, architectural solutions, code review, QA, and support.

    The company specializes in applications development, pre-sales, and solutions consulting, technical audit and support, custom applications development, and AI apps. Twistellar prides itself on its unique customer-focused culture, ensuring exceptional commitment and engagement with clients. The team's passion for their work is evident in their attitude and dedication to customer satisfaction. Twistellar's leadership brings over 20 years of experience in managing real-sector companies, ensuring expertise and insight into industry-specific challenges. The company offers a range of apps including Sculptor CPQ, Economic Connector, and Dash, catering to diverse business needs. With a focus on innovation and excellence, Twistellar is dedicated to driving business growth and success through cutting-edge solutions and unparalleled customer service.

  13. Kvalifik
  14. Kvalifk is one of the best AI development companies in Denmark, established in Copenhagen on April 12, 2015, Kvalifik is a digital agency committed to driving real change through digital innovation. With over 15 talents comprising their best team, they have collaborated with 291 companies to date.

    Kvalifik’s best services encompass digital innovation, websites, AI solutions, and software development. They specialize in providing digital tools and experiences that empower changemakers, making them feel like they possess digital superpowers. Their offerings include web platforms, dashboards, UI & design systems, and business automation solutions. They specialize in assisting startups, NGOs, and corporations in realizing their digital goals through websites, web platforms, and apps. Their development methods and modern web technologies ensure user-centric solutions that add value to their clients' projects.

  15. Radiant
  16. Radiant is among the best AI development companies in Denmark, based in Copenhagen, Denmark, and Oslo, Norway, is a trusted partner for HubSpot implementation and B2B sales solutions. With a focus on providing bespoke HubSpot services, they offer rapid implementation of 360° HubSpot solutions personalized to client’s needs. Their HubSpot implementation best services include scoping of needs, packages, and prices, integrations, data migration, lead generation strategies, workflows, funnels, automation, CRM architecture, segmentation, ICP (Ideal Customer Profile), and Playbooks. Additionally, Radiant specializes in optimizing HubSpot performance, providing training for sales and customer service teams, onboarding support, data migration, AI integration, reporting, and gamification.

    Connect with the Nordic region's most talented B2B sales best team through Radiant. Radiant's expertise in HubSpot is unmatched, with over 100 implementations, 30 official HubSpot certifications, and numerous 5-star customer reviews. As an official HubSpot certified trainer and top-ranked HubSpot Partner, they are committed to helping achieve client’s sales goals efficiently and effectively.

    With over 10,000 sales meetings held, a 32.6% average win rate, and over 75 million ARR (Danish Kroner) generated, Radiant delivers exceptional results that drive business growth. Partner with Radiant for HubSpot solutions that grow, ensuring a positive ROI in as little as 6.2 months.

  17. BASE life science
  18. Based in Denmark, BASE Life Science is a pioneering force in the life science industry, offering a comprehensive suite of services personalized to meet the evolving needs of clients worldwide. BASE Life Science stands at the forefront of innovation and excellence with a dedicated team of industry experts across various domains including commercial, medical, digital marketing, clinical, regulatory, and quality. Their technological expertise and commitment to staying up-to-date on the latest trends enable them to bridge the gap between business logic and technology seamlessly. BASE Life Science provides top services from research and development to customer engagement solutions, advanced digital solutions, data migrations, and operational support; they offer a holistic approach to address the complex challenges faced by clients. With a strong focus on Denmark, their operations extend globally, working for the diverse requirements of the life science sector.

  19. MyData Security
  20. MyData Security is the best Ai development company in Denmark, headquartered in Denmark since 2007, is dedicated to safeguarding digital lives. Offering a comprehensive suite of services, MyData covers the entire IT infrastructure, ensuring the security of all your devices and providing advanced remote support. With over 14 years of experience driving innovations in cyber security, MyData has established itself as a leader in digital protection. Serving 10,000 satisfied customers across the United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark, MyData collaborates with some of the world's most skilled security companies to develop products aimed at keeping customers' digital lives secure. Their vision is to meet customers at eye level and solve their computer and IT-related challenges efficiently. Their top consulting team receives ongoing training to stay updated on the latest developments in IT crime and technology, ensuring top-notch quality and service. Best Services provided by MyData Security include anti-malware software, intelligent firewall solutions, AI-based threat detection, education and training, disaster recovery and backup, as well as external IT department support.

  21. Proteams
  22. Proteams is among the top ai development companies in Denmark, operating from Copenhagen, London, and Istanbul, Proteams is committed to facilitating continuous collaboration between enterprises and freelance talent. Proteams is a premier platform with an exclusive network of over 3000 carefully selected freelance top professionals, specializing in various domains including Data Science, Data Analysis, Data Engineering, AI, Machine Learning, BI development, Power BI, and Tableau. Working for leading multinational enterprises, Proteams assists in building and managing elite freelance teams, ensuring significant cost savings and successful project delivery. With a dedicated hypercare support team, Proteams offers personalized best services specifically designed for top enterprises, providing account management, talent management, and technical project management support.

    Freelancers registered on are handpicked senior profiles with references from prominent enterprise clients. Proteams facilitate managed best project services by assembling teams of top freelancers for diverse digital projects ranging from Software, Business Intelligence, and Automation, to Creative endeavors. This comprehensive best service guarantees successful project delivery and significant savings by leveraging the expertise of senior freelancers. Top-tier enterprises globally collaborate with Proteams to engage top freelance professionals and achieve excellence in their digital projects.

  23. IIH Nordic
  24. IIH Nordic stands as a prominent digital consultancy firm, leading the industry with its extensive expertise since 2005. With a dedicated team of over top 50 consultants, IIH Nordic offers a comprehensive suite of best services aimed at maximizing the digital investments of both Danish and international companies. From AI courses to advertising strategies, web analytics, and Google Marketing Platform solutions, IIH Nordic provides personalized services to meet the diverse needs of its clientele.

    The firm takes great pride in its numerous awards and recognitions, solidifying its reputation as one of Denmark's best places to work and an esteemed Google Partner. With over 25 awards and nominations, IIH Nordic maintains a steadfast commitment to excellence and innovation in the digital age. Its mission revolves around creating value through the latest digital technologies and continuous training, ensuring that clients receive cutting-edge solutions that drive success in the digital age. At the core of IIH Nordic's success lies its dedicated team of top consultants spread across the Nordic region. With a client base exceeding 1800 satisfied customers, IIH Nordic has earned a reputation for delivering exceptional results since its inception. The firm's commitment to employee well-being is evident through its introduction of a 4-day, 30-hour workweek, leading to higher satisfaction, reduced absenteeism, and increased productivity. With a focus on creating innovative tools such as Looker Studio, Analytics, and Campaign Manager, IIH Nordic remains at the forefront of digital transformation, driving value and success for its clients.

  25. Dynamicsprint
  26. DynamicsPrint is the leading ERP partner for the printing industry, offering a comprehensive solution personalized to the specific needs of printing businesses. With DynamicsPrint, clients benefit from a complete ERP system with all-in-one resource planning, operational modules, and fully integrated AI capabilities. The system is meticulously designed and customized to uphold the highest standards of efficiency and stability, ensuring seamless operations.

    With over 30 years of experience, DynamicsPrint is committed to delivering ongoing partnerships that extend beyond the launch of software programs. Leveraging the latest in technology, including cloud-based solutions, AI-driven insights, and IoT integration, DynamicsPrint positions printing businesses at the forefront of technological advancement.DynamicsPrint supports various printing businesses, such as Packaging, Roll Label, Gravure, Flexography, Offset, Digital, Large Format, Screen Print, Mail and Assembly, Web-to-Print, Finishing, and Book Binding, helping across a various spectrum of needs. Marketed and implemented by highly skilled partners across the globe, DynamicsPrint offers more than just software; it fosters a partnership. With dedicated support and training, clients and their teams are empowered to maximize the potential of the ERP system, driving success, and promoting growth.

  27. AlfaPeople
  28. Alfa people is one of the best AI development companies in Denmark, founded in 2009, AlfaPeople has expanded its presence to Europe, the Middle East, and Central, and South America, employing over 625 top professionals dedicated to success. AlfaPeople, recognized as a Microsoft Inner Circle member for the 13th consecutive year, stands as a trusted partner for digital transformations. As a top 1% Business Applications Partner, they specialize in implementing and supporting Microsoft Dynamics 365 business technology, including cloud-based products. Their expertise lies in elevating businesses by identifying, building, and supporting unique business processes with personalized Dynamics 365 journeys.

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