Major SEO Mistakes that can Sabotage the Website


In today’s highly digital and competitive world it is important to keep your SEO game on-point. Most digital marketing companies apply numerous SEO strategies day-day. But we will not be taking about any strategy here; in fact, we will be enlightening you about the deadliest seo mistakes you might be making while deciding seo strategy.
In the process of trying too hard to impress the search engines, sometimes digital marketing companies make blunders. Most of these are done unknowingly which ends in sabotaging the website. Though the list can be as many as the newest experiences but we have broadly jotted down some of the major ones here.

SEO Mistakes to be avoided

  1. Irregular attention to Server Issues and HTTPS status
  2. Many of us have come across websites displaying 404 or any similar error code most of these technical glitches are related to HTTPS status. This breaks the bridge between your business and the user. In fact, some of the serious server issues can have long-term effects which may damage the Google ranking. Some of the mistakes are mentioned below:

    • Broken internal & external links:Unresponsive or unreachable links that can damage SEO
    • Unable to crawl pages:When a webpage is taking longer to load or access is denied to the page.
    • Broken Internal Images:If the file no longer exists or if there are typing errors in the URL.

  3. Duplicity of content
  4. This is the most common SEO blunder made by the Digital Marketing companies; plagiarism can kill the ranking as well as reputation of the business. Many businesses tend to copy content, paragraphs or even title from their direct or indirect competitors which turns out to affect SEO ranking negatively. Here are some of the examples of duplicate content:

    • Written content of the webpages
    • Title & H1 Tags
    • Meta Descriptions

  5. Not paying attention to website speed
  6. People hate waiting and it applies on the web surfers as well, they hate slow loading speed of the website. Not having optimized images or having unnecessary plug-ins can be the reason for slower loading speed. If you are unsure about the page loading speed Google PageSpeed Insightswill come handy to optimize the speed by looking at the aspects that needs improvement.

  7. Keyword Stuffing
  8. When you are a newbie in Digital Marketing, keyword is something that can be of instant help. But it can turn out negatively if done without proper caution. The focus with the content and keywords should only be restricted to target audience. One should not try too hard to impress Google SEO ranking by adding unnecessary keywords which makes the user (reader here) unhappy. Content marketing should be used wisely and to address user queries or interests, the SEO is clever enough to take care of itself.

  9. Overlooking Title & Meta Description of the Page
  10. Often Digital marketing companies tend to ignore the Title tags and miss out the appropriate keyword in the Titles. This is considered to be a bad SEO practice as Meta tags can help Google understand the content of the webpages. In addition to Title tags, Meta Description also helps you to enhance your visibility. Meta Descriptions have added advantages of adding the target keywords and phrases to your webpages.

  11. Not paying attention to Indexing
  12. Another crucial SEO strategy for Digital Marketing is indexing as the search result won’t rank the page if indexed improperly. There can be hundreds of reasons as to why your website have poor indexing even if everything seems to be quite under control. Some of them are jotted down:

    • Missing or Duplicate Meta Description
    • Missing ALT attributes
    • Duplicate Title Tags and/or Content
    • Low word content
    • Low Title Element
    • Multiple h1 Tags

  13. Not having a Mobile-Friendly site
  14. In 2018 Google switched to mobile-first indexing. Google have started ranking the website based on the mobile version as well. Not having a mobile-friendly website can be seen as a major setback for your business. As most of the business calls are taking place over the mobiles it is quintessential to have a great mobile view of your website. Display of the content and images might be set brilliantly for your website’s desktop version, but if mobile version is appropriate then it might increase bounce back users. A great way to figure out if your website is mobile friendly is to take the Google’smobile-friendly test.

Site Audit Tool to your rescue

Technology is ever-growing and ever changing and to keep pace with it, Digital marketing companies will have to be vigilant. Site audit is one of the best gifts for digital marketing as it can review the website from the user’s and search engine’s point of view.
Whether the site has a good or bad user experience, is the site navigation difficult whether the mobile version is available or not, it can review all of them. A site audit tool can make the task easy for you buying you more time and key focus areas to be worked on. And it can help you knowing the basic seo mistakes which you have been doing from long time.

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