Jock Boa Boxer Club

Jocky Boa Boxer Club NFTs

Objective – To provide JBBC NFT collectors with an innovative and engaging experience by enabling them to create their own personalized Jocky Boa Transformer NFT Avatar (JBBC-T). 

How We Did It – To create the Jocky Boa Boxer Club NFT collection, we minted 10,000 NFTs on Polygon and Ethereum chains. Owners of JBBC NFTs can create their own personalized JBBC-T NFT Avatars using AI tools on our website, which was built using React Js and Node Js with a MySQL database

To create the Jocky Boa Boxer Club (JBBC) NFT collection and enable the creation of personalized Jocky Boa Transformer NFT Avatars (JBBC-T), we took the following steps:

  1. We minted 10,000 JBBC NFTs on both the Polygon and Ethereum blockchains to ensure wider accessibility and flexibility for the collectors.
  2. We developed a feature that allows owners of JBBC NFTs to create their own JBBC-T NFTs using their NFTs as a basis. This was done to provide a more engaging and personalized experience for collectors, making the JBBC NFTs more valuable and unique.
  3. To enable the creation of customized JBBC-T NFTs, we utilized AI tools to convert users’ face images into cool Transformer NFT Avatars. We developed a website using React Js and Node Js, with a MySQL database to store user data and NFTs. This technology was created to enhance the collectability of the JBBC NFTs and create a new and innovative experience for the collectors.
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