The Rapid Growth of Digital Marketing


All businesses require marketing strategies to prosper and expand. Marketing methods are constantly evolving over time from the conventional in-personal reach to online prospecting – however one of the forms seems to have particularly gained ground. We are talking about the significant surge in the use of Digital Marketing as a key marketing tool.

Every establishment, big or small, seems to be tilting towards leveraging digital marketing by using organic and paid digital marketing channels. Business are focusing on cross-device targeting campaigns viz. desktops, mobile phones and tablets.

The advent of the internet and its multifold uses have subsequently contributed towards the growth of digital marketing across numerous industries. As per DAN’s (Dentsu Aegis Network’s) report published as on January 23, 2020, The Economic Times, the digital industry in India is supposed to grow by 27% towards the end of 2020. Which evidently points towards the scope of digitization and drop in traditional methods for marketing – what exactly changed there?

Over the course of time, entrepreneurs discovered the reach of the internet, its widespread usage across mediums and the kind of convenience that it brought. Now marketing over various internet platforms became an easier and more rational thing to do. Digital marketing gained popularity as the most convenient, cost-effective and a nifty way to promote one’s products and services.

Digital marketing offers wide scopes of promotion through its various tools such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), and many other digital marketing channels wherein the prime focus is to put the website/business on the search engine base.

A new term also emerged over a period of term called ‘Performance Marketing‘ wherein the businesses and digital agencies started measuring the ROI (return on investment) of the digital marketing efforts and investments. It is important for the digital marketing agencies to understand the key goals of a client and suggest strategies for showing fast incremental growth in terms of performance metrics. Whether it be organic channels like SEO (search engine optimization) and SMO (Social Media Optimization) or paid promotions viz. Google SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SMM (Social Media Marketing) etc, the key is to carefully select the channels which will deliver results in the immediate term and longer term.

With newer sectors like Gaming, Blockchain DApps, NFTs(Non-fungible tokens) coming up and leveraging the power of performance marketing, the digital marketers have to deploy newer channels and custom strategies to deliver the goods on key performance metrics. Channels like Discord Marketing, Reddit Marketing, Twitter PPC ads, Quora Marketing are becoming integral parts of the digital marketing strategy for sectors like Gamingand NFTs.

What works for one industry may not work for the other, for example, NFT Marketing Services requires deployment of a combination of Discord, Reddit, Twitter/Instagram organic and PPC marketing, YouTube marketing and Influencer Marketing along with the other conventional channels.


Through digital marketing businesses can now interact with the audience in real time, get instant feedback on their products and services all the while building and retaining valuable relationships with the customers. Every business has now realized that the best place to look for their perspective is online – with a wider reach, specified target audience, and the convenience to distribute products and services with a few clicks, Digital Marketing has pretty much paved for itself a long way to go!


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