Objective- To develop a secure, tech-backed voting platform that can bring revolutionary changes to the way elections are conducted and provide organizations & establishments with a seamless and accurate election process that is trustworthy.

How We Did It – We developed a secure and trustworthy voting platform using HyperLedger Fabric for decentralized voting, ReactJS for frontend, and Nodejs with MongoDB for backend.

Our goal was to create a revolutionary voting platform that could transform the way elections are conducted while providing a seamless and accurate voting process for organizations and establishments. To achieve this, we used a combination of cutting-edge technologies and services.

Firstly, we developed a decentralized platform for voting using HyperLedger Fabric, which is an enterprise-grade distributed ledger technology. HyperLedger Fabric provides a secure and transparent way to conduct voting while also ensuring privacy and confidentiality.

For the frontend, we used ReactJS, which is a popular and efficient library for building user interfaces. ReactJS allowed us to create an intuitive and user-friendly interface that provided a seamless voting experience.

We built the backend on Nodejs, a popular runtime environment for JavaScript, and used MongoDB as the database. Nodejs allowed us to build a scalable and efficient backend, while MongoDB provided a flexible and reliable database.

Overall, by utilizing these technologies and services, we were able to develop a secure, trustworthy, and efficient voting platform that can revolutionize the way elections are conducted. Our platform provides a seamless and accurate voting process for organizations and establishments, ensuring a fair and transparent election process.

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