Content Calendar: Up your Digital Marketing game with this crucial SEO tool


Picture this- A team is designated with different assignments of a project; all of them with great potential and experience. But somehow, all of them are moving in a different direction. One is going north the other south, adding to this few members are reaching the same destination after a week. What do you think went wrong and created this havoc? Of course, they had a missing Roadmap which can be executed strategically. But hey, why are we talking about Roadmap anyway? We are here to talk about SEO tool and content marketing strategy, right?

Content calendar is a buzz word these days which is practiced by digital marketing companies as an incredible SEO tool. Here, you can compare different team members with different content pieces. All of them crafted beautifully, some with rich media, some with a great story, and some with brilliant ad ideas. They all need direction, a strategy, a roadmap to be posted in order to create business priorities, user demands, and of course potential ROI. When you upload fresh content regularly you get new visitors by using the updated information eventually boosting your website higher in the search results.

Unboxing Content Calendar: What is it?

As already mentioned that whatever you post on the internet via social media posts, blogs, vlogs, ads, etc. needs a roadmap. Content Calendar basically means organizing and pre-scheduling your posts which include 3 main ingredients to it:

  • Type of content to be shared
  • The exact time for sharing the content
  • A platform for sharing the content

Moving ahead, below are some of the free content calendar templates that you can download and kickstart the journey of your own SEO strategy.

  1. Hubspot
  2. Download here...
  3. LinkedIn Content Calendar
  4. Download here…
  5. WordPress Plugin
  6. Download here...
  7. Organizer tool from Trello
  8. Download here...
  9. Hootsuite Social Media Content Calendar
  10. Download here...

Why is a Content Calendar so Important?


There’s no denying that great content is the basic yet an integral part of digital marketing, this is the best SEO strategy for any business. There are some shocking revelations on how a content calendar can help you get your desired target. Below are some of the important roles your content calendar plays:

Regular Posts:

You will be in absolute awe how consistent you are with a content calendar. With topics and dates already decided ahead, you will get glued to the determination which surprisingly brings more audience to you. And of course, with regularity, your content gets furnished as well and you will be prompted to dig-deeper into every topic. This is a never-ending cycle that brings back a lot of activity on the social media platform.

Well Structured Strategy:

Don’t you love it when you have the best strategy for around 6-8 months for your finances? Yes, the strategy works the same way every time; it helps you turn the chaos to harmony. Remember, your SEO strategy is a part of your business goal and so it is crucial to have a determined direction.

Minimize going Off the Track:

Now how would you feel if a YouTube channel, you have been following since a long time for Language training, suddenly out of the blue shows a recipe episode!!!! This is what happens when you don’t have a roadmap for your upcoming content. Content calendar can help you stay on the track where you can decide the topics by analyzing keywords beforehand.

Maintaining the Social Media & Blog relations:

Of course, a blog will get you users on your website and the best way of showcasing your blog is via Social Media or even email marketing. Use this tool with enormous potential to draw new users for brand recognition of your business.
Turn boring meetings into Brainstorming session: So you thought only a writer can post on Social Media, well you need to think again! Ideas can be generated from anywhere and this is one of the best parts of having a content calendar. Let your team get involved in a brainstorming session for the best content, if you are a solopreneur you can involve your family and friends into this session.

Using a Social Media Calendar: How it works?


Now that you have free templates of a content calendar, the next step would be to start organizing things. Well, it gets a little tricky here as you have a lot to decide when you have everything on your plate. Be it the mode of presenting the content or choosing the platform, organizing a content calendar can be confusing. We have jotted down the crucial points which will help you manage the calendar well so that your SEO strategy can be on point.

  • Understand your Platform:
  • The very 1st step of setting up a content calendar would be choosing the perfect platform. For example, Facebook and Instagram are the best Social Media platforms for e-commerce and advertising agency. Whereas, if you are into services business then LinkedIn and Facebook would be the best choice. The gist here is to narrow down the platforms first based on the type of business you are indulged into.

  • Understand your Audience:
  • This can be helpful once you have gained the trust of a good amount of followers for your page. A successful marketing strategy is to put your audience first as they decide if your content is happening or not. What is it that your audience like? Entertainment, facts, whatever it can be, in short, you need to value your audience the most.

  • Decide the Frequency:
  • How often do you want to post your content, be very specific and realistic with your goal. Unfinished tasks can have a negative impact on your mind as well as on Social Media. Decide how much time can be spent, is it daily, or alternatively or maybe weekly. It doesn’t matter as long as you are being consistent a follow the pattern.

  • Decide on the type of Content:
  • What if your newspaper only prints political news every single day? To break the monotony you need to add flavors to your content in order to make it versatile. You can present your content as:

    1. Informative posts/Facts
    2. Funny Memes
    3. Engagements by open-ended questions and quiz
    4. A freebie
    5. Contests/Webinars, etc.

  • Designing your Content:
  • Posting simple content every day would not be sufficient you need to decorate your presentation in order to get increased engagements. Use pictures and videos or anything in which you find fascination to add-up the punch in your content. A decorative piece is most likely to be read by the users and in turn, it can give you better engagements and inflow of new users.

Final Talks

Now that you have a free template, go ahead and get your creative ideas to the desk. Give your content marketing strategy ahead and don’t worry, you don’t need to be a pro. Just be consistent for the first few months, you will realize that your ideas are developing more and more with each passing day.

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