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The ideal candidate should have passion for all things marketing and technology. Also should be well-versed in the concepts surrounding social media marketing and how the Internet can become a strong asset to securing growing revenue. You should be tech-savvy and intuitive with great ideas to reinforce our marketing campaigns.


Social Media Manager

We are seeking a highly skilled Social Media Manager with 3-5 years of experience to manage social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Telegram, and Discord.

Roles & Responsibilities

Develop and execute social media strategies that align with the company's goals and target audience.Manage and maintain social media platforms, including Telegram, Discord, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.Help Create and curate high-quality content (text, images, videos) that resonates with the target audience and drives engagement.Monitor and respond to customer inquiries, feedback, and complaints in a timely and professional manner. Analyze social media metrics (likes, comments, shares, followers, and click-throughs) to track performance, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions.Stay up-to-date with the latest social media trends, tools, and best practices, and incorporate them into social media strategy.Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including content creators, designers, and product managers, to ensure consistency and alignment across all marketing channels.Manage social media advertising campaigns, including budget allocation, targeting, and performance tracking.

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