Exploring Powerful Components in Logo Designing- Fonts and Colors


Visual impression ideally has a great impact on your mind and that is why companies have a logo for brand identity. No matter the size, this graphic depiction has an influential company message imbibed in itself. Have you ever noticed how strongly a graphic element can impact your mind? You can easily recognize some of the most influential brand logos like Nike and Apple without a brand name on it. Logo holds very crucial information about your industry type and service that your company provides. Logo often conveys the company’s vision and can provide brand value to the company. In short, logo can help make a company stand out from others and that’s why it is crucial to put more focus on logo designing. Logo designing sounds to be an easy task but can be as challenging if the little details are overlooked. Mostly, logo has a symbol or brand mark in it and sometimes along with the company tagline. The process of logo designing becomes a bit complicated when you get your hands on the software. There is a huge list of components and minor details that you need to work on to make the brand recognizable for customers. Here we will be exploring 3 major components of logo designing i.e. fonts of the typography, color choice and combination, and shape of the logo.

Fonts for Logo Designing

Be prepared with this one as there are thousands of fonts available online. You must be familiar with some of the classic conventional fonts which is used almost everywhere. Each one have different message and can be used to express different expressions and emotions.


Serif: respectable, traditional, reliable, comforting
Sans-Serif:modern, objective, clean
Script type: elegant, creative, affectionate
Decorative: expressive, unique
Apart from the described classic fonts below are some of the fonts which are commonly used in modern logo designing.

  1. Helvetica Now

  2. This is one of the most ubiquitous fonts used by some of the top brands. If you are simply looking for something crisp, sharp which includes clarity, simplicity, and neutrality, then Helvetica Now can be a great font choice. Panasonic, Jeep, and American Airlines are among the top brands to use the fonts in their logo design.


    Example of Helvetica Now in logo design by Oscar Blasco

  3. Proxima Nova

  4. Another widely used font used by some of the renowned brands such as Buzzfeed, Wired, Spotify, Bosh, and Mashable. The best part about this font is that it is available on Adobe Fonts.


    Example of Proxima Nova in famous brand logos

  5. Bodoni

  6. Popular among the fashion industry, this font can add the style statement to your logo. This will font instantly adds glamour to the design and can stand out very boldly. The perfect contrast of thick and thin strokes of this font makes it perfect for the limelight.


    Example of Bodoni in famous brand logos

Apart from the above-discussed fonts and designs, some of the top brands use only Typography when it comes to logo designing. While some use a combination of icon and company name (graphic element and text) in their logo. Observe every logo which is carefully carved with the right kind of font.


Examples of some top brands using Typography in their logo


Examples of top brands using Text and symbol in their logo

Colors for Logo Designing

When we are talking about visual impact colors plays a great role in it. Studies have proved that colors can have different impacts on you psychologically. Bright colors can bring out the best of your mood while wrong color combinations can undoubtedly reverse the effect. Colors are related to emotions; let us understand what emotions these key colors hold.

  1. Red Logos
  2. Red is mostly used when you want to express intense emotions such as love, anger, and excitement, or passion. So if you want an intense and loud logo that is rather playful then red can be used to direct the energy.

  3. Yellow Logos
  4. Yellow is a bright and peppy color which represents fun and joy. It can easily be used while representing youthfulness and freshness. Be careful while using yellow with matured brands as the brand would need more serious color.

  5. Black Logos
  6. Black color always has a strong impact on our mind and hence it can be used for luxury and power. Black logos look modern, luxurious, stylish yet simple. It can be best used when you are opting for minimalistic designs.

  7. White Logos
  8. White is just absence of any color and that’s why it can be used with any brand provided the condition to use it with a contrasting color. Since white can be used against any background it can be versatile to use it among brands.

  9. Green Logos
  10. Though green s mostly associated with nature it is a common misconception that green is restricted to nature-related brands. Green is often associated with money as the dollar is of green color too, green is ultimate in versatility.

  11. Blue Logos
  12. Blue in brands is often a statement of maturity and trust. If you are associated with a brand that wants to be taken seriously then blue should be your choice. However, blue is one of the most widely used colors in logs and hence should be precautious while using this shade. While most of you would not necessarily go with a monochrome logo instead use a combination. The color wheel will help you understand which combination will work and which will not.


Points to Ponder

With thousands of fonts and color combinations available online it becomes trouble on finalizing the right one. Below are some of the vital points to help you

  • A simple rule in logo making is to keep it simple as it can be seen practicing by the top brands. Experimenting with numerous combinations of fonts and colors can go seriously wrong.
  • A good logo can work in any size and on any background. Consider the uses such as website, invitation cards while deciding the final design of the logo.
  • A classic logo will always last longer and can beat any trendy logo which is rather short-lived.
  • Always have a check on your competitors to borrow the best ideas of logo designing.
  • Take the help of online tools such as Pinterest to get an inspiration of logos, color combinations, and illustrations etc.
  • Introduce wit and charm in your work take the logo of Amazon for example where negative space is best utilized with a cheeky smile.
  • Start scribbling your ideas and you will find a way to further refine it.

Top Free Platforms for Logo Designing

  1. Hatchful
  2. Canva
  3. Hostinger
  4. Ucraft

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