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AskGalore is committed to constant value creation through technology advancements in New Age tech!

Ideas find wings when the right steps are followed to transform them into pragmatic solutions. Meticulous planning, a hawk-eye on details and precision in execution is key to creating scalable products and solutions – and thereby lasting value.

we are askgalore

AskGalore was incorporated in April 2018 with the objective of developing IT products that provide transformational solutions to new age businesses and individuals.

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kunal tomar


“The whole is more than the sum of its parts”
- Aristotle

About kunal

Co-founder at AskGalore Digital, Kunal has a Bachelor’s in Engineering from MNIIT, Allahabad and is a Management Graduate from XIM, Bhubaneswar. With his commitment to results and a solution centric approach, he drives the organisation to deliver scalable and sustainable tech and digital solutions. While multi-tasking to manage multiple business verticals, he manages to focus on key client centric metrics which translate into real value for businesses.

With over two decades of experience with KONE, StanC, Barclays, Experian & Cheetah Digital, Kunal has a unique blend of experience in Banking, Credit Bureau, FinTech, DaaS, SaaS, Fraud Detection & Underwriting Software, Digital Marketing, Blockchain, Data Quality & Analytics and Performance Marketing.

A firm believer in the imminent exponential growth of Web 3.0, Kunal is leading AskGalore Digital to explore and deliver projects across new age tech with a primary focus on Blockchain.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”

Eleanor Roosevelt


To build a technology company focused on Blockchain, AI/ML, RPA, AR/VR, Data Sciences & Cybersecurity.
AskGalore’s vision is to build scalable and robust software for clients; and to build in-house niche products for targeted and select industry applications.
By following the best product and software development methodologies, our goal is to create products that deliver awesome user experience and create value for all stakeholders.


AskGalore’s mission is to establish a credible presence in the DApps space by 2023. With the objective of creating value for all stakeholders, AskGalore will target to grow its presence globally across markets, to develop products focused on Blockchain, AI/ML, RPA, AR/VR, Data Sciences & Cybersecurity.
With a people focus at the core of the company’s growth strategy, AskGalore will create COEs in all the above areas and develop an entrepreneurial culture.

our values


Core values at AskGalore that drives results and keeps the momentum going.


We seem to have a flair for almost all your requirements! We don’t just develop our products and services, we craft
them from the scratch.

Fuel your passion


The drive to work towards an effective and optimum outcome results from our objective of customer satisfaction and client’s happiness.

We smartly Work harder to better our performance


We deliver results without compromising on our or the clients’ integrity. We go that extra mile always, yet contained by the boundaries of the law.

We at Askgalore - Go up and Never Stop


Our diligence stems from the sundry creative areas our team focuses on and has a knack for. Our proficiency helps us deliver high-quality results.

Do what you love


We strive to drive away from the mainstream; breaking the fourth wall is all about outdoing the clients’ expectations into leading-edge products.

With our Mindfulness We provide innovative solutions to you


Our team believes in closely working on project, we provide an approach of extended team support to the companies rather than merely working on the project.

Excellent teamwork

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